Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Am Accomplished

At least for today.  I picked up Porter (after dropping off a tank for service) and she and I walked along the Fox River Trail with Skully and Maggie, then I went to the bank to cash my paycheck (yay, cash money--I like that better than credit cards because when I've no more bills in my wallet there's no more spending, simple and easy to live with), then dropped off the dog, stopped at the Dollar store for a poop bag dispenser for my leash, then came home to toss in a load of clothes and mow the lawn for the first time this season--finally.  It's been so chilly even the grass was staying low to the ground, but today it's glorious, sunny and 60-ish.  AND while I sat in the shade on the patio when I was done I saw a hummingbird at the feeder for the first time this year.  Hooray!  It's so nice today I don't really mind that my right thumbnail popped off when I was mowing.  (I have acrylic nails and it was loose anyway)

I've got 2 more pairs of Avia fitness shoes winging their way to me this week.  After the Rogan's guy told me that nobody's making them anymore, and I was reduced to buying Skechers, I bing-ed them and found a pair on Amazon Marketplace and one on eBay so I bought them both.  Hey, I might as well store them and even with shipping costs they're less than half the full retail.  The longer I can put off wearing "flat" shoes the happier I'll be.  I wear regular tennis shoes to mow (the rocking sole doesn't work so well on the slope in the backyard) but that's the only time I do a lot of walking in the flat ones.  Oh, I wear other shoes to work some days or to dress-up occasions but mostly I'm in tennis shoes.  I have a casual life.

It was deader than a doornail at work yesterday.  I didn't have one paying customer besides myself.  (I put fresh batteries in my car remotes, and I have a credit so it cost me nothing.)  A couple regulars stopped in but nobody bought anything and the only business call was a rental reservation for the weekend.  Don't ask me how they stay in business, I ask myself that too and have no answer.

Writing was not to be last night.  I glared at the Georgia O'Keefe painting of a cow skull and nothing came so I slammed the notebook shut and snuggled Durwood.  Worked for me.  Now I'm off to shower away my walking/mowing sweat and make sure all the clothes I want to pack for next weekend are clean.

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