Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three More Days!

Until I get to drive away for a week's respite from reality.  Not that my reality is particularly onerous but a change is always fun.  I realized yesterday that the weekend I return is Memorial Day weekend so I won't have to go back to work until the following Wednesday.  I know!  That's 12 full days off in a row.  Now you understand that I don't get vacation pay or anything like that so there'll be only 2 days worth of pay on my check the following week (but I always have Mrs. Boss hold this last week's paycheck until I get back so I'll have money waiting for me once I've overspent on my vacation.  oh, don't pretend you don't come home with only moths in your wallet) but all that time off will be worth it.  Hmm, maybe K&D will be going diving sometime that weekend and I can go too.  I should invite myself along.  I always say that I can be packed in an hour and I usually can, if nothing shiny comes by to distract me.

I got a call from the guy who owns the mechanics garage where we have our cars serviced.  He was looking for someone to interview his family and write up a history of the business for display and also someone to spellcheck and edit their website for grammar.  He thought maybe DD knew someone but I told him that I can do it and would be happy to meet with him after my vacation next week.  I also mentioned there would be a fee.  I'm not working for nothing.  I'm excited. I feel like skipping but instead I'll wear my favorite socks and new shoes today.  And I'm going to yoga after work out at the university where my Mardi teaches a 6 o'clock class.  Better make sure I have a $5 in my wallet and take some yoga clothes to change into.

The wrens are really courting this morning.  Yesterday Durwood enjoyed watching her build her nest in the birdhouse outside the kitchen window (she got a little overeager, there was a stick poking out the hole when I got home) and she's working hard this morning to lure some male wren to be her baby daddy.  There is no way I can take a picture of them, they're too zippy and skittish, so you get to see the fern frond buds, the volunteer violets, and the lilies of the valley not yet unfurled.  I bet they'll be all open and maybe blooming when I get back weekend after next.  Eeeee, green stuff.

May 16--Iran, Rhyton Terminating in the Forepart of a Ram.  The silver cup was cold in Grace's hand, so cold that she was afraid her lips would stick to it when she drank.  There was no way she could avoid drinking.  Peter had his cup raised and he was in the middle of a rambling toast that had swung from welcoming friends through global warming, red and blue states, and had touched on the new Pope.  Her wine would be evaporated by the time he got to the point.

A rhyton is an ancient Greek drinking cup usually terminating in the form of a woman or an animal.  I just looked it up.  Why they don't just call it a cup I do not know.  Okay, kiddies, it's time for breakfast and then I have to pick out my favorite socks.  It's a big job, there are lots of them and only one of each so I have a lot of choosing to do.  See ya bye.

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Aunt B said...

Just read Abbi's latest blog where she posted a bunch of pictures from the weekend in Florida -- all about the shower, etc. and she ended it all with a shot of the baby hat!! Pull up "The Lovely Prelude" and you can check it out. She looks so cute with her proud belly!!! Have a great time on your week off!