Saturday, May 11, 2013

Again With The Rain

It looked promising when I got up a couple hours ago but now it's puckered up and raining.  Gah.  I wanted to drag Durwood around today but he's napping and we have a concert tonight so maybe I'll just go alone so he's fresh for tonight.  I keep forgetting that neither of us is young and spry anymore, he likes to nap and I feel like all my muscles are in revolt.  My right shoulder has been giving me fits and I think it's unearned pain.  Not fair.

Porter and I had a good walk along the river yesterday and we didn't even get rained on.  I had my umbrella, just in case, and Penny & Henny really appreciated the beet greens Durwood sent over for them.

I whipped up some lotion yesterday and it looks like I've had my first lotion batch failure.  Ever.  I poured it into small 1 oz. bottles and it separated and won't be shaken into suspension like it always has before.  Dammit.

We had a lovely Mother's Day supper over at DS & DIL1's yesterday. JZ made spinach and feta triangles in filo with homemade tzatziki sauce for appetizers.  They were delicious.  They made pastitsio which was to die for and a big salad with lots of olives and feta and heirloom tomatoes, and chocolate pudding cake with ice cream for dessert.  JZ got bottom jaw braces yesterday so eating was a whole new adventure for him.  The shoe's on the other foot for the dentist who has put braces on hundreds of kids and adults, now it's his turn.

May 10--Giovanni Boldini, Consuelo Vanderbilt, Duchess of Marlborough, and Her Son, Lord Ivor Spencer-Churchill.  He had his mother's mouth and her long, graceful hands.  He had a hard time sitting still all dressed up in a suit and tie.  He wasn't much over four years old and everyone knows that boys his age are full of wriggles.  He tried his best, he did, but he ended up leaning on her and peering up at the artist from behind her left breast.

It's raining and dreary and it's Saturday.  Not fair.

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