Sunday, May 5, 2013

Not As Fantabulous As We'd Hoped

But I'm not giving up yet.  Both of the Rustic Roads were within 10 miles or so of the city and both showed signs of serious incursion of house building along what were obviously quiet country lanes very recently.  But the sun was shining and the air was warming so I enjoyed every less than rustic mile.  

I drove us out to the bay on Lineville Rd. (or whatever it turns into when it gets across Hwy. 41) to see if there were any visible northern pike still in the spawning marsh at the edge of Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve.  There weren't, but there were swifts swooping over the marsh and lovely tannin-brown water running swiftly over the reeds in the roadside ditch on its way to the bay of Green Bay.  

On the second Rustic Road we saw a tom turkey and two hens crossing.  When we approached the tom had his tail erect and fanned but he quickly tucked it away and led the ladies across into the woods.  Durwood promises to go with me next Sunday to look at more Roads.  (tempting him with a Joe Rouer's burger worked, teehee)  Are you old enough to remember when a Sunday drive was part of most people's weekend?  Gas was a lot cheaper then, true, but salaries were a lot smaller then too; the percentage cost is probably pretty close then and now.

I was cutting up strawberries and a pineapple yesterday when I got home so I'll have lots of fruit for putting on my breakfast yogurt and eating with my lunch next week and heard a House Wren singing in the bare honeysuckle.  Grandpa Stephan like his "Jenny wrens" and he was always keeping an eye out for a cardinal at his feeder.  I think of him every time there's that flash of red orange out back and the piercing wren song reminds me being a kid in Evansville, IN.

May 5--Goya, Giant.  The face barely emerged from the dark water.  The eyes were closed and there was a puzzled expression on the lips.  Fiona stood at the edge of the marsh listening to the wind clatter through the weeds and watching the play of light and shadow on the water.  The moon played hide and seek with the clouds racing before the wind and she thought at first that the light was playing tricks on her.

I swear, cross my heart, that I'm going to bed a whole lot earlier tonight (it's a school night) so that I can complete the thought before I crap out.  Oh, and Happy Cinco de Mayo.  Eat a taco.  (but that's not really Mexican, is it? it's
more TexMex, I think)

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