Monday, May 13, 2013

Oh, For The Love Of...

I opened the curtain over the patio doors and thought "you have GOT to be kidding."  The birdbath's frozen solid and the hummingbird feeder's a hanging ice cube.  Honestly, no one anticipates frost on the grass and the windshield on May 12.  MAY, people, May.  It's supposed to be warming up in May, isn't it?  It is, I know it is, but evidently someone didn't get the memo.  I ran around doing a little shopping yesterday afternoon (found the last 2 pairs of Sketchers "shape-up" shoes at Rogans, they were my size.  score!) in long jeans, a long-sleeved tee, and the latest shrug I knitted.  I got a little warm so I unbuttoned the sweater but not hot enough to take it off.  A wool sweater.  In May.  In MID-May.  Crazy.  I still fired up the grill to cook our supper steaks (what? they were the oldest meat in the freezer and need to be eaten, don't want them to go bad, do we?) and I still need to mow de lawn before the weekend but... seriously?  To be fair, it's supposed to get into the mid-70s the rest of the week, until the mid-60s and rainy weekend when I'm going up to Ellison Bay for a week's writing workshop.  *sigh*

Evidently the "shape-up" shoe makers got tripped up by their own advertising hyperbole.  Turns out they don't help you lose weight or tone up your tush because there are huge stickers on the box tops saying "fitness claims not proved" and "don't pay any attention to other fitness claims on this box" with lots of asterisks sending you reading all around the sticker.  And the guy at Rogan's says nobody's making them anymore because of the hoopla.  Really?  I like them, they make my legs feel good (the Avia ones are best), when I wear regular, flat shoes my legs ache.  Tsk.  What'll I do when my stockpile (2 pair, so far) is depleted?  Go back to wearing flat shoes?  I guess.

May 13--Claude Monet, Water Lilies.  In the green cave of the garden dragonflies flitted over the lily pond and sunlight fell like gold doubloons.  Tally carried her collecting pack into the center of the garden where the house was out of sight.  She had enough of her brother and sister fighting over who got to be on the porch on the north side, the cool side of the house.  She had told Mam that she'd be back for supper before she left because the last time she'd gone collecting for the afternoon the sheriff had been called and there were tears and shouting to endure before she was sent to bed.  Mam was a fine one to get all upset when Tally went exploring because Mam drove away without a word to anyone.  She'd be gone for hours and never say where she went.  Tally used a long-handled scoop to dip out water from the pond to put into her collecting jar.  She had a magnifying glass to look at the tiny creatures living in a pond and a notebook for recording what she found.  Tally was going to be a scientist with a real microscope when she went to college.


It's Monday and that means another week is starting; a week of fresh chicken soup with cabbage and green beans (and a can of Pace tomatoes with green chilies again, yum) this time, a bowl of pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries for work lunches and PAYDAY.  Good thing too.  I kinda emptied my wallet this time.  Hey, I needed some retail therapy yesterday.  Needed it.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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