Thursday, May 2, 2013

Still No Leaves But... Forsythia!

And look at that sky.  Beauty.  I opened the shade this morning and saw little yellow blooms out the window when I made the bed.  Yay, forsythia!  I hot-footed it out there (with pants on this time, it's around the side of the house and way more exposed to view than the birdbath) to take its picture.  I also pictured the blue squills under the leafless lilac, the masses of grape hyacinth in front, and the enthusiastically blooming hyacinths and daffodils.  I especially like the red variegated dogwood twigs against the leaves of the bulbs.  When I went out the front door to snap pix of the hyacinths, etc. I felt something fall into my hair.  I brushed it off and a hornet fell onto the walk.  Eek!  A hornet!  I squashed it tout suite, you'd better believe it.  Stomp.  I'll be keeping an eye on the lintel and soffit also around the mailbox and downspout to squash any extemporaneous nest building.  Don't you worry, I'm on it.  (and no, DD, it's not the one that was crawling on you in the basement after Christmas, I dispatched that one long ago)

It was a different day yesterday at work.  It was dead quiet (okay, I had one phone call but it was a customer one, I made a note for Mrs. Boss because I couldn't answer the questions) until after about 2:00 when MB dropped in to visit after picking up his first wave of garden plants at Lindsley's, a relatively secret greenhouse in the neighborhood.  He and I had a grand visit talking about travels and adventures.  He still owes me a lizard story, a bird story, and... and... well, another story and I'm putting it here so I don't forget.  I'm hoping to go along when he does Sunday Fun Dives this season because we'd like to dive together at least once.  Then my knitting pal, MW, stopped in to drop off a jump drive with photos from the Spin-In in Waukesha so I can put them on the knitting guild's blog and we talked about birds.  After MW left, KJ & JJ(the 15-yr-old version) stopped in to make copies but the copier's broken (a new one's on the way).  We visited for a few minutes and I found out that JJ's in an alternative school and doing great.  It sounds like the class C & AH work in down in Goshen and JJ's finally liking school.  He looks like a new boy and that is a VERY good thing.  He was almost out of the store as they left but he came back for a hug and to tell me he misses me.  I got a little misty.  Finally at 2 minutes to 5 o'clock (closing time) a guy came in to look at wetsuits.  He didn't buy anything but he was my first and only customer of the day so I was happy to stay late and help him--and I didn't charge Mrs. Boss for that extra 20 minutes because I'd spent the previous, oh, 7 hours knitting a sock.  Seemed like a good trade-off, 7 hours of knitting for 20 minutes of work.  Yup, good trade.

I (finally) had a brainstorm about something to write about at The Clearing in 16 days (but who's counting?).  Skully wants to drive the WI Rustic Roads for a cheap adventure so I thought we could do a few (and I can make Durwood go with me other times too) before I go away for the week so I'll have fodder to write essays up at TC.  There's a new magazine called Our Wisconsin that I bet would be an excellent place to publish little short pieces about out of the way stuff like that.  I feel better now.

May 2--Netherlandish or French, Triptych with the Way to Calvary, the Crucifixion, and the Disrobing of Jesus.  It was dark in the narrow antique shop.  Heavy walnut tables were stacked three high nearly touching the pressed tin ceiling.  The lights bore decades of film from the oil furnace and there were generations of dead moths silhouetted in the shades.  Ranks of glass-fronted cabinets lined narrow paths that twisted and turned like a labyrinth.  Clea was glad she had a penlight in her purse because the place was so dim.  She wondered how anyone ever found things in the over-crowded cupboards and shelves.  All she wanted was a sugar and creamer set and she was afraid she'd break more than she found to buy.

That's when the sandman took over and slammed my eyelids shut.  Remember how hot it was on Tuesday?  It was in the mid-80s.  Well, it got up to around 70 yesterday and then a front came through around 5:30 yesterday afternoon and now it's supposed to maybe get up to 50 degrees today and snow 6" in the northwestern part of the state.  Ye gods.  I think I'll wear a sweater, my new one that I made.  Time to rev up my day.  Ah'm outta here.

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