Saturday, January 9, 2010

What Friends Are Really For...

I went to Friday Night Knitting Circle last night, even though I had been sick for 2 days. It's not like I was contagious or anything. Sheesh. I would not have gone if, say, I was bleeding copiously from a gaping wound, or projectile vomiting; that would have messed up the yarn. I probably wouldn't have gone if my heart rate was so low that I kept dropping my needles. But none of that was happening so I went. We all sat and knitted and chatted and listened to the musicians play and sing out in the cafe. It was a lovely time. Lyn mentioned that Home Depot has primroses on sale for $.88. That's eighty-eight cents, people! Eighty-eight cents for a little piece of spring! I had to go out for birdseed since the demon squirrels have figured out how to empty the "squirrel-proof" feeders, so I swung by HD and scooped up five bucks' worth. Hey, even if they don't survive until spring, it's worth $5 to see cheerful colors and green leaves between me and the snowdrifts. Thanks a heap, Lyn, you're a lifesaver.

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