Wednesday, January 6, 2010

That's More Like It

I am much happier with myself this morning. I got up before 7 (barely but it still counts, right?), got my workout in, took a shower, read the paper & did the crossword, ate breakfast, did a sinkful of last night's dishes, got dressed, and now I'm ready to post my prompt writing. It's not even 9:30. Yay me! Now I can go to work and sit there knitting and watching Netflix videos or listening to my Walkman with a clear conscience.

Sometimes I think I expect too much of myself, but I keep doing it, don't I? Stubborn Germans.

January 6--Brown Pelican and Laughing Gull. The long rays of the setting sun turned the sky a golden yellow, like light shining through a good Pilsner. She sat curled up, her arms wrapped around her knees, hugging them to her chest, and watching the pelicans and gulls competing for the little silver fish that schooled just off Pink Beach. The wind had dropped and the heat of the day rose from the sand making sweat roll down her skin and pool in her creases. she had been sure that this vacation, this island would be the magic one. That here she would relax and blend into the crowd, be one of the group, even just on the edge of the group, but she had been there five days, half her holiday was gone and she was as alone as ever. She stared out at the birds and the horizon through tears that she willed not to fall. "You try too hard, you know," said a woman's voice beside her. "I've watched you all week and you need to relax." She glanced to her right, just moving her eyes, and there were ten brown toes with hot pink nail polish lined up beside hers in the sand.

Hmmm. Now who is that mysterious woman? I wonder. Enjoy your day. Write something!

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