Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Broke a Nail

Call the paramedics! Naw, I'll just go to the nail salon tomorrow and get all fixed; it's time for a fill and fresh polish anyway. Today I'd like a doughnut, a bag of doughnuts, but the bakery on the way to the dive shop is closed for the month so I'm out of luck. Good thing, since I'm having a crisis of motivation in the sticking-to-my-diet area of my life and don't need the empty calories.

January 20--Samand Peninsula, Dominican Republic. The waves moved in ranks onto the beach swirling the tan sand into clouds under the surface. The steep slope of the sea floor helped the waves build up to be six feet tall before collapsing under their own weight and sprawling on the sand. Dark shapes moved out away from the beach, lives pursued int he salty warmth over the reefs. In the early days of the year whale song came to fill the quiet routine of predator and prey. Gray giants' songs rise out of the powerful highway of current that escorts the whales from calving ground to feeding place. While the mothers and their young make their slow way north, they are serenaded by the songs of the great males looking for a mate. Puny humans line their route in small boats eager to witness the whales' age-old dance.

Pretty nice for an overcast and chilly morning in winter. Smile today even if you don't feel like it.

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