Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Now that 2009 is a mere memory, I'm ready to charge into 2010.

I want to go back to assigning a project to a place, i.e. Sudoku Throw blocks knit
at work, Reef Socks at FNKC, the Khaki Cardi at home, so that I make progress on them all. (We'll see how long this lasts.)

I did add more fringe and another hexagon to the first scarf and used the rest of them
to make another scarf that I crocheted together with black yarn and put a big tassel on each end.

When we were in Lexington in October I found something that was perfect for Christmas gifts for my knitting pals. I forgot it when we got home, thought about it a few weeks ago, and then promptly forgot to search. But last week when I was stashing the turkey carcass in the back seat of Durwood's van because the fridge was full, I shoved a plastic bag and it clanked. I looked inside and there were my little gifts. I put the bag on a shelf in the garage right then... and forgot them again. Last night I remembered them once again and went out to rummage through the van for them. Frustrated at not finding them, I turned to come back inside (to warm up and rant about the fact that my brain has turned from Velcro to Teflon) and there they were. Now I can finally give them out tonight. It's kind of still Christmas, right? Baanks. Too cute.

Oh. And I finished Brangelina Glove #1 last night. I'll be casting on Glove #2 this afternoon once I get my novel sent out to a few more agents.

That's another 2010 resolution: I intend to be much better at submitting both my novel manuscript and my short stories, even if I end up rewriting the stories first. Rather than set myself up for failure I'm thinking I should have 3-5 stories out at all times. Good thing I bought a 2009 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market last fall, huh?

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