Sunday, January 10, 2010

Flying. Fingers.

It pays to spend two days sitting on the couch, listening to a novel on your Walkman, and knitting. Look!

I turned the second corner of the first half of the Ribwarmer (and I'm in a snit about probably not having enough yarn after all, but I found a skein on Ravelry that I emailed about),

and I have th
e heel "flapped" and "turned" on the Red Dots sock.

I'm smokin'. (No, not really, cigarette-like smoking, zooming fast smokin'. Cigare
ttes taste nasty, did you know that? I only figured it out once I quit.)

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rochard said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!! I was gone for a week and just caught up, and felt bad that I couldn't offer any sympathy at the time.

The reef socks are just so cute. What a great idea. Your DD is such a doll. You sure are being productive.