Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday That Feels Like Saturday

This is the first week that I'm working three days in a row and have the other four days off so I'm not at all sure what day it is. Good thing we get the newspaper and I can read the day of the week on the masthead. I won't forget to go to knitting though.

Last night was writers for the first time since a week before Christmas, and all three of us had plenty of writing activity to talk about while we were doing the craft project I had brought for us to do. We spent the meeting decorating notebook pages with pictures cut from a stock photo book, old postage stamps, and stickers with prompts or exercises. It was a big hit. Such a big hit that I went back to Goodwill and found 4 more stock photo books that I bought so we'd have even more pictures to use. There's nothing like playing with glue sticks and scissors to get the creative juices flowing. And we'll each have a small notebook to use as a day book filled with inspirational words and images. It's good to be back.

January 15--Giant Brain Coral. Be patient. Go slowly. Step by step, I enter the water feeling it rise on my overheated body. I feel the ease, the relaxation as the silky seawater laps its way up and over my head. I lose patience when it reaches my waist, sweep my arm to catch my regulator, pop the mouthpiece between my teeth, and I fall forward into the clear blue water. The icy shiver down my spine tells me how hot my head got in the ten minutes that it took to assemble my gear and put on my wetsuit. Once the swirl of silver bubbles from my plunge clears, the world of the reef appears before me. Fish of every color glide over purple and yellow sponge gardens and the silver blades of barracuda patrol out over the deep blue drop off. The transition from a terrestrial creature to an aquatic one is fraught with heat and exertion but it is worth it for the view into a completely different world.

Not my best, by any means, but the memory made a good escape on a chilly overcast day.

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