Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sock Mania

Hi, my name is Barbara, and I'm addicted to knitting single socks from worsted wool and acrylic yarn that I already own.

Sunday night after I finished the Sandbar Sock, I was determined to work on either the Ribwarmer or add rows to my Khaki Cardi, and I did, a little. See?

But I couldn't resist the siren call of the worsted. I went downstairs, dug out the left
over yarns from making a Nephew Hat, and cast on. I just meant to do a little, but I took it with me on Monday morning when I went to visit Mom and I worked on it again. At the hospital I changed to the variegated yarn, and I just kept going. I'm weak, I know it.

I knit a few rows on the Khaki Cardi this morning but after supper I had to knit on the sock more, had to knit enough to get to the end of the variegated yarn and add in the orange yarn. And now I'm at the heel flap. I have to go knit more neon orange yarn. It's calling my name, luring me into it's web. I can't help myself.

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