Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today I chose a card from my friend, Roi Solberg's Sprirt of Archetypes deck. I read from the description book included with the cards, and once again, went with what I saw in the picture. One of these days, Roi, I'll write about the meaning of the card instead of just the pretty picture. I promise. At first a poem began to emerge, but then it needed to be a narrative. I'll give you both.

January 14--Teacher/Mentor.
Reach, reach out
Chose a path
to learning
Open, open a window
one is not better
than the rest
Green opportunity
nourishes learning
Golden light of knowledge
shines through the
clear glass of confidence

Open the door. Just open the door. Rhea frowned in her sleep, the dream so real she felt her hand move in the flannel sheets. She knew she was awake, had left the dream, with its choice to move through the door, in sleep but she felt the impulse in her muscles. Felt the forward motion of her hand on the end of the pendulum that was her arm. She knew what she would find on the other side of that walnut brown door, knew the short green-tiled paths that led to a single sash window and the longer red gold tile paths that lead to yet more windows. She had trod that dream path many times in her life and she knew what it meant. Once she gave in and moved forward into the new part of her life, made the hard decision to change, the doors and paths and window panes would fade from her dreams. Until the next time she faced a crossroads when she would reach for that door and feel the warm tiles beneath her feet.

Stay focused.

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