Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sorry It's Been a Week...

since I last posted. I've been adjusting to my new work schedule and focusing more on getting stories submitted than on my knitting. See, there was a reason I spent last weekend on the couch with sticks in my hands.

I'm zooming down the foot of the Red Dots sock. Only one more inch and then I start the toe.

I finished the first half of the Ribwarmer vest at Friday Night Knitting Circle...with a bit of a challenge. See that little square of stitches at one edge in the left hand picture? Well, when I bound off the stitches at the top of the other edge and held it up, I glanced at the drawing on the pattern and realized that I had turned the corner the wrong way and that little tab was on the wrong side. It was supposed to be on the outer edge. Gak! Luckily Zoe was there. She sat looking at it, then she got to work. She stuck a needle through the stitches of the first full-width row, tore out the 16 rows of 8 stitches, had me bind off those captured sts, pick up 8 on the correct side and knit them up. Whew. Once it's all finished and sewed together it won't be so obvious, and it'll be warm and cozy despite my near-catastrophic booboo. Thank you, Zoe, you're a lifesaver!

It's midwinter and I've fallen prey to the lure of comfort food. I have been wanting to bake bread for a couple weeks. I baked biscuits week before last but the baking powder was too old and while they were tasty, they were flat and not at all satisfying. I finally broke down and bought Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day with my B&N coupon yesterday, and I mixed up a batch. Naturally I didn't read all the instructions before plunging in and I used half rye flour, making my dough much drier and heavier than the "master" recipe. Last night I read their tips to overcome that and made my first loaf this morning. It's so cute! Look! And I have enough dough to make 3 more. Pretty cool, huh?

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