Friday, January 8, 2010

Clawing My Way Back to the Living

I'm feeling much better today. Thank God. I'll be much choosier about what I eat for the next few days, I'm telling you. It's bright and sunny today which is just gorgeous on the new fallen snow, but I'd like a bit of warmth, please. Say, 70 degrees. What? Christmas is over, we don't need snow for ambiance anymore.

January 8--Candle cactus. They look like some medieval torture device invented to create the most pain for the least effort. Charlie looked closer a the candle cactus thorns clustered on the dark green flesh so that they overlapped. "Now there's a plant that really means business," she said to her friend Murph. The two of them were hiking a trail in the national park on this tiny island. She thought it was amusing that an island as small as this one had a national park. You could drive around the entire place in an afternoon, even stopping to take pictures and have a cold drink. Charlie wasn't much of a nature girl, really. Her idea of a Caribbean vacation involved pina coladas delivered by beach boys and lounging by the pool, but she had let Murph talk her into this trip where there was entirely too much sweating and not nearly enough shopping. Not that there was much shopping on the island to begin with. Two jewelry stores and a couple of souvenir places. Phhht. In a weak moment she had even agreed to try scuba diving even thought it meant getting into a one piece swimsuit and getting her hair wet. In public. She wasn't at all sure that she wanted to get into the salty ocean; she was sure it was just teeming with disgusting critters and fish pooping and God knows what else. But it would be cooler than stomping around in the dusty dry rocks and kamikaze cactus of this hell they call the national park.

I'd rather be there sweating that here freezing, but c'est la vie.

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