Monday, May 22, 2017

Yarn Thing First

After getting all the flowers and seeds planted, getting cleaned up, spending way more time than I wanted to while Durwood checked out the new Meijer store that opened on Tuesday, I sat on the couch, put my feet up, and knitted the rest of the Helical Sock SOCK foot and started the toe.  I'll get that finished today because I have to work today (boo!) so I have to figure out what to knit next.

Speaking of checking out the new Meijer, here's Durwood in his scooter cart analyzing the TV dinner selection.  If him spending 45 minutes in the Meat Dept. doesn't convince you that he loves grocery stores I don't know what will.  I parked myself alongside a display of pistachio nuts and played spider solitaire on my phone until he was finally done.  It didn't help that most of the population of the northern half of the hemisphere AND their crying babies were there too.  Good thing he decided that things are too expensive there so we won't have to do that again.  We agreed to "cherry pick" the specials if it's something we really want.

The patio pots are very happy.  Look how perky everything got overnight.  I don't think I told you that I bought two mint plants--lemon mint and chocolate mint--to plant alongside the timber edge of the garden.  I potted some mints for LC last year and she asked me the other day which leaves were mint so she could pick one and eat it.  Gotta have yummy mint leaves for my girl, ya know.  (BTW, I didn't murder the mousie after all.  By the time we got home from Meijer it had scampered away.)

For birds this gray and chilly morning, we had this male Oriole that was on the crook near the patio--until I pressed the camera shutter but then I "caught" him singing his little heart out in the bare branches at the top of the apple tree.  I thought we had only one female Hummingbird coming around but I think there are two.  This one prefers to sip at the oriole feeder and the other one likes the hummingbird feeder.  It doesn't really matter, the birdie juice is the same in both.  This Bluejay spent some time standing on the edge of the birdbath cracking open a seed and then it turned around to show off its pretty face.  Smile!

May 22--Edgar Degas, Jockeys.  The lithe men looked like butterflies on the backs of the long-legged horses.  They milled around on the grass before sorting themselves into a line to parade across to the track.  The crowd sounded like the surf breaking on a sandy beach.  Leo leaned forward to slap Hector's Holdout's neck and frowned at the pink sleeve covering his arm.  Hector's new owner's colors were olive green and pink, two colors that made him look as if he was in the final stages of liver disease.  "Don't worry, Heck old boy, even if we look sick we can still run circles around the rest of these chumps."  The horse flicked his ears and glanced around as if sizing up his competition.

Like I said, I have to work today.  Yes, I've got my lunches made and in my knitting basket.  Yes, I'm all showered and decently attired for a day at the dive shop.  Now all I have to do is force myself to stand up and toddle off to work. Hey, there's a paycheck waiting for me.  Woohoo, payday!  I'm outta here.

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Aunt B said...

The new grocery store sounds like an adventure -- and a nice one for D. I never heard of it but there are so many out there now. I've only patronized Publix since we've been down here but Fresh Market is close so that's on my list of "places to locate." Got to the library yesterday. That's always close to the top of the list. Wonderful pictures from you today. The plants look so perky and cute -- especially the two mints peeking out.