Monday, May 29, 2017

Farm Report

Not to imply that I have much of a farm but the buttercrunch lettuces are looking bigger and greener and I spied a teeny tiny carrot sprout or two yesterday morning.  Hooray.  Everybody should plant seeds, especially people with kids.  It's so magical when they start to sprout.  None of the tomatoes or peppers look much different than when I planted them except they're less droopy and the herbs seem to be adjusting to sideways life.  I've talked to more people about straw bale gardening that didn't have much luck and when I say that I bought the book, they say, "oh, there's a book?"  Meaning "there're instructions to help me succeed?"  Goofballs.  So I'm guessing they poke holes in the unconditioned straw, dribble in some soil and a seed or two, and think they've got it all sewed up. This is why Al Gore invented the Internet.  At least do a little web surfing, people, or contact your local Ag Extension office for tips.

I spent a lot of yesterday zoned out playing spider solitaire on my Kindle so there's not much in the way of interesting, hobby-type stuff to show off.  I intended to knit a green Advent Garland mitt last night, or start one anyway, but you see what color yarn got grabbed.  Next one'll be green.  Cross my heart.

I did take a walk around most of the block and discovered that the muscles the outsides of my thighs are seriously out of sorts or out of shape or something because I hadn't taken a dozen steps before they started loudly complaining that they hurt and tried to convince me to turn around and go home.  But I didn't.  I did shorten my walk a bit but I intend to go out into the sunshine and breezes today and do it again.  Take that, whatever-you're-called muscles.

The coleus in the four "cauldron" pots across the front of the house are very happy with their lots in life.  They've all perked right up and started growing.  Good job.  I love the colors of the leaves and how easy they are to keep happy.  All I have to do is pinch off the tiny end leaves every once in a while so they make more branches and not let them flower because when they're flowering they stop thinking about leaves and they get spindly.

May 29--Christofano dell'Altissimo, Portrait of Ismail I Sophi, Persian Shah.  "I didn't know Persians had red hair.  Did you know Persians had red hair?"  Virgie prattled her way down the portrait gallery.  "Look at that dead duck with its head hanging off the table.  Isn't it gruesome?  Who'd paint that?"  Her constant talking passed from one gallery to the next but didn't stop.  "Oh, here are the surrealists."  She clasped her hands under her chin.  "How do they know which end is up?  Do you think there's a big arrow with the words 'This End Up' on the back of each one?"  Blanche and Doris noticed that Virgie didn't need a response to any of her comments.  It was going to be a long week on the bus.

Happy Memorial Day!  Visit a cemetery to pay your respects, thank a vet, and then go have a cookout.  Remember why this weekend is a holiday.

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Aunt B said...

Glad you circled that teeny tiny carrot. When I was gazing at the first shot, I thought "but where's the carrot?" Of course, you read my mind and showed me when the next picture appeared. Thank you!!