Thursday, May 18, 2017

Rain, Rain Go Away

Sometimes it works when you stand on the patio and chant a bit in the morning.  These clouds are on their way east away from me and what's coming next is only partly cloudy so shafts of sunshine are breaking out all over.  Hooray.  (I need to remember to fertilize the bales when I get home [I'm typing this so it's in my brain a bit more solidly])

I knuckled down and knitted the short-row heel on Helical Sock SOCK #2 yesterday and this morning (which is why I'm running late).  It's a fairly easy thing to do--ONCE you read the directions all the way through, then you don't have to tink (k-n-i-t backwards, one stitch at a time) back the last row and figure out how not to lose the wraps that you picked up on the first and last stitch.  One nice thing about using three different yarns, it's really easy to see which is the next stitch to wrap-and-turn and which are the instep stitches to leave alone while you're heeling.  On to the foot!

This female Oriole came to the orange half for a snack the other day and then spent some time grazing around the apple blossoms.  She's not as brightly colored as the male and we probably won't see her now until her eggs are hatched and the babies are fledged but we were glad to see her at all.

The lilies of the valley are this close to being open and the ferns are unfurling their bright green fronds.

May 18--A. Birkenruth, The Promise of Sleep.  Sleep, I need sleep.  Those words scrolled through Vee's mind as she bumped her way down the aisle of the Trailways bus, trying not to knock anyone with her duffel.  The bus was nearly full.  She found an empty seat two rows in front of the bathroom which meant people would be jostling by all night but she didn't care.  She lifted her bag onto the overhead rack, took off her backpack, and started to sit down.  "Do you want the window seat?" came a male voice from under the cowboy hat on the unmoving form in the seat.  She squinted, trying to see him in the dim light.  "Uh, I don't..." she began to say.  "It's all right.  I'm not trying to trap you but I've been asleep for the last two states and you won't get a wink in that aisle seat."  He reached up, removed his hat, and unfolded his long frame to stand stooped before her.  "I'm Henry, Henry Stanton from Buffalo, Wyoming."  He paused, hand out, waiting, when she said nothing he went on, "and you are?"  She looked at him, not sure if she could trust a man in a dark bus barreling down a dark highway.  She made up her mind.  "I'm Vee.  Vee from nowhere.  Just Vee."

Okay then, children, that's all we've got today.  I need to drop a couple tanks off for service on my way to the dive shop so I'd better get moving.  Happy trails!

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