Saturday, May 27, 2017

Tiny Little Lettuces

I went out to survey my domain this morning in the early morning light.  

The most exciting was the sight of tiny little lettuces sprouting on top of one of the bales.  It looks like I wasn't very good at spreading them out but I'll deal.

There are buds coming on the poppies.  They're about walnut-size, all green and fuzzy, until they split open, the hulls fall, and the poppy springs forth.  (Orange poppies, not red opium poppies if you're concerned that we've decided to start a small retirement side business.  Besides we just don't have the acreage to make a profit.)

Yesterday morning Mr. Hummingbird came to the feeder and I managed to get one not-blurry picture of him.  You still can't really see his ruby throat but, trust me, it's there.  He's a much darker green than any of the Mrs. Hummingbirds that come around too, and he's way zippier.

I finished Advent Garland Stocking #6 even though I was short of the variegated yarn I started the toe with.  I just grabbed another variegated yarn in the realm of orange and made the best of it.  I kind of like that it's less than perfect.  Then because I noticed that four of the five Advent Garland Mittens I had completed are red, I grabbed the leftovers from LC's sweater and make #6 a purple sparkly one.  I have half of the stockings/socks and half of the mittens made.  Since donating four knitted "training socks" to the cause I'm debating whether to crochet four more and knit two more so I have an equal number of knitted and crocheted ones.  Same goes for the mittens.  Should I crochet the other six mittens?  Probably.  That'll balance things out.  We all know that my InnerDespot demands symmetry in all things--except for matching socks.

Look what came in the mail yesterday.  It's the three 100 Acts of Sewing patterns I ordered and paid for with my (annoyingly) hand-rolled, mad money coins.  Once I've got this posted I plan to sit on the couch to read the instructions (you're surprised, I know, I kind of am too) and then go down to make sure the fabric I'm hoping to use for my first garment is washed and ready to be made into something wearable.  I have a lot of fabric downstairs and it needs to become something instead of just being folded potential sitting in the dark. 

May 27--August Macke, Our Garden with Flower Beds.  Through the keyhole-shaped opening in the wall, Elsie moved from the city to the country.  The noise of traffic faded, replaced by birdsong and bees buzzing.  Flowers of every color lent their perfume to the air that welcomed her.  She carried her sewing basket to the seat in the arbor expecting to get work done.  Instead she listened to the trees whisper in the breeze and watched the robins and squirrels squabble over the seed in Mrs. Brodie's feeder. 

Okey-dokey.  Time to go find some lunch (maybe some string cheese, baby carrots, and a clementine with pretzels for "bread," I think--yeah, that sounds about right--eaten at the patio table--that sounds exactly right) . Toodles.

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Aunt B said...

Yay for the straw-bale garden sprouting! That's going to be so much fun to see them come to life! Had an up-date from the people running the sale yesterday and they sold $5K!!! Can you believe it? Said there were 200-300 people there. Guess I'm not the only one who loves all that cute, cute stuff!!