Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Feel Like I Keep Repeating Myself

I feel like all I have to say lately is "this is blooming or almost blooming," "this bird showed up," and "bales, bales, bales."  Welcome to my life.  I refuse to show you clean dishes or a made bed.  I haven't knitted much more than a few rows on LC's sweater in the last week so I have no crowing about finishing a knitted thing, not even any cute crocheted play food for the play kitchen.  Maybe I'll manage to get some placemats cut out and sewn together this weekend while I play with laundry so we'll have some variety.  Apologies over, here goes...

While photographing the first tiny blooms on the bleeding heart I looked down to see this perfect raindrop nestled in the leaves of the plant, and I think the photo even kind of turned out.

Mr. Cardinal came by for a drink yesterday.  It's very rare to see him let down his guard enough to perch on the birdbath and dip his bill.

Last Saturday, BJD asked how the avocados are doing.  One seems to be giving up the ghost but the other one is enthusiastically growing.

I'm sure this cloudy sky and general cool and dreary day contributes to my "I'm boring and my life sucks" mood today.  However I did go to the gathering for caregivers at the Aging & Disability Resource Center yesterday evening.  There were 8 women there and one of them thought she recognized me.  I thought she looked a little familiar too.  Turns out she ran a children's book publishing business in town about 10 years ago and I'd spoken with her on multiple occasions.  I'm confident that we'll get together to do some writing or talking about writing.  This is a good thing.

May 10--Egon Schiele, Austrian Artist Looking at Viewer.  His dark eyebrows lifted as if waiting for an answer to a question.  When the answer came he wouldn't hear it.  Someone had used a bullet to punch a hole in his skull.

I had more things to say about that picture, really I did, but I fell asleep between the first and second sentences then only managed to scrawl the second and third sentences before I gave up and let the Sandman have his way with me.  Off to work.

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Aunt B said...

So glad you shared that perfect raindrop picture. It's one of your best efforts and should be published all over the world. I hear you about the daily chores being mundane -- but it's still so nice to read about them. They aren't boring at all!