Sunday, May 28, 2017

Robins Wet & Dry

I took my lunch out onto the patio yesterday because it was the first day in more than a week that wasn't chilly and rainy.  I also took my camera just in case a hummingbird or oriole decided to stop by for lunch too.  None did but a robin came for a bath.  Robins are gold-medal-level bathers.  They come alone, not in flocks like the sparrows do, and they get right down to business.  I don't see how they could get wetter and I usually have to refill the birdbath when one is done.

For the last week or so a mama robin has been building a nest on the driveway light of the other side of the duplex.  Every time I go out my own door she flies up into the tree and squawks at me to clear the area.  This morning when I went out for the paper she didn't move.  I suspect she's got eggs.

I took my three new patterns downstairs, measured myself, and then started digging for fabric.  I found a lot.  A. LOT.  More than I thought in some cases and less than I thought in others but there will be no need to purchase fabric for quite a while.  Next I have to trace the pieces onto some stiff fabric-like stuff I bought a bolt of at a Sheboygan thrift shop for just such a use, then I can cut out the pieces and sew.  I was disappointed to see that the pants have no pockets but my old skirt pattern doesn't either and I fixed that.  I can fix the pants too.  Maybe not the first, practice pair but subsequent ones for sure.  While down there waiting for the first washer load of fabric to be ready for the dryer, I measured and cut out the first tablesetter's placemat I plan to make out of stash fabric.  I'm modifying a pattern from Growing Up Sew Liberated because LC likes a "cloth" under her lunch so I thought she
could learn to set the table at the same time.  She informed me that I need to make one for me and one for Baba too.  There'll be one for OJ also but right now he's more interested in throwing things on the floor than setting the table.

Here's this morning's view.  Rain.  It's Memorial Day weekend, what did you expect?  It's currently sunny but there's more rain in the forecast.  Of course.  Good thing we don't have plans to grill out--or do we?  I might have bought a dozen brats and a quart of Bud to boil them in last night which means I'll be firing up the Weber in the not-too-distant future.

May 28--Albert Sebille,5th Century BC Greek Ship.  "It's the eyes that disturb me."  Edgar leaned over to murmur into Louise's ear.  "Well," she said, "I guess they wanted to see where they were going."  The painting was a watercolor of an ancient ship powered partly by a huge, red, square sail and partly by rows of galley slaves at long oars below decks.  "Do you think it made a difference?" he asked.  She shrugged.  "I don't think they sailed much out of sight of land in those days so the eyes were probably more to intimidate pirates or sea monsters.  There were a lot more sea monsters then than there are now."  He stared at her to see if she was serious.  "How do you figure that?"  She waved a hand at the painting.  "Oh, I have an anthropology degree and I love maps.  All the old maps had monsters at the edges, everyone knows that."

Since it's sunny right now I think I'll get dressed (what?  it's Sunday and a holiday weekend) and take a walk around the block.  I'm feeling tired and draggy, maybe I need to get out and about some.

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Aunt B said...

Nice that you've got baby robins to look forward to. Maybe that very clean robin in the birdbath is daddy.