Wednesday, May 3, 2017


I sleepily put my hand up to the shade over the window above my head as I lay in bed, snapped it up, and lo and behold, there was sunshine out there.  My eyelids slammed open and I vaulted out of bed.  Okay, maybe I didn't vault but I rolled out with more enthusiasm than I've had in days.  Look at that blue sky.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Even so the birdbath was iced over and the grass was frosty when I opened the curtains.  Will it never warm up?

I probably shouldn't say this out loud but the rabbits haven't found my tulips--yet.  The orangish-peachy one is still blooming and there's a pale pink one right above it.  *sigh*  I begin so see why tulips are DIL1's favorite.

Mr. Cardinal stayed at the feeder long enough for me to snap his picture this morning.  Yesterday evening he and the Mrs. were at the feeder together, then they flew up into the apple tree to feed each other.  So romantic.

Most of yesterday I spent getting the snowblower stowed in the garden shed, rearranging things so it fits right next to the lawnmower and in front of the wheelbarrow.  That meant I had to take the chairs out of the shed which meant moving some planters that had overwintered on the edge of the patio which meant moving some rolls of wire which necessitated disposing of a baby bunny that didn't make it.  I was sad for the bunny but I was very grateful that I was wearing gloves, had a plastic newspaper bag handy, and that today's garbage day.  Then I took my car to Joe's to leave it until Friday to have some rust ground off and some repainting done.  It won't be a body shop level job but it's just the bottom of the fenders so I don't think it'll be too noticeable.  I'll be the one steering Durwood's battleship of a van for the next few days.  Hmm, maybe I'll nip into Target for that second car seat after work since I've got all that hauling room.

I did knit a bit, putting more rounds on the Helical Sock SOCK #2.  I am so glad that DD told me to put each yarn ball into its own tiny ziplock bag, snip a corner, and fish the end of the yarn out so there's a whole lot less tangling.  Brilliant.  Thanks, DD.  I love you so much.

May 3--Jacques-Louis David, Mars Being Disarmed by Venus.  "He's the god of war, you know," Inspector Gigot said.  The young man beside him chuckled.  "Being undone by a bevy of naked women," said Sergeant Nicks.  Gigot shook his head.  "Not just any naked woman, no less than Venus, the most beautiful woman there ever was."  Nicks made a small sound.  "Aren't you forgetting Helen of Troy?  Nefertiti and Cleopatra?  Beauties all and each capable of disarming the most militant of men or so the legends say."  Gigot turned his back on the painting to look at the body sprawled on the polished marble floor of the museum gallery.  "Do you think a woman destroyed this poor soul?  Was he shot here to make a point or is it a coincidence that here is where he fell?"  Half a dozen technicians went about their work, the quiet sounds of digital cameras and shoes encased in booties, low murmurs as notes were dictated gave the impression that a machine had started running and wouldn't stop until they had answers.

Hmm, not a bad beginning.  I see that I should be driving away at this very minute.  I'll slap a few photos on here and head out.  No time for philosophizing today.  Toodle-oo.

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