Monday, May 8, 2017

I'm Baled!

As I told you yesterday, I went to Stein's with Durwood's big van with a tarp spread in the back and got 4 big straw bales, got them home, and wrestled into place.  This morning I pounded in the stakes, laid down the weed barrier around them, and watered in the first application of "conditioning" fertilizer.  I realized that I probably got the wrong stuff so I'll swing by Walmart later and pick up what I need.  (I got the pellet kind [expensive] and need the quick dissolving lawn kind [probably cheap])  I'm very late getting these going but it was too cold and too rainy to get into the garden and clear it out so I could start with a clean slate.  They'll be ready for planting in about 2 weeks.  Better late than never, I say.  So... Ta-da!

Speaking of cold, the birdbath was iced over and the grass was frosty this morning.  It's May 8, people, did I move above the Arctic Circle without realizing it?

The sky, however, is a beautiful blue and the sun is blazing so that ice and frost didn't stick around for very long.

I added about an inch to LC's sweater but it pretty much looks the same so I won't bore you with another picture of it.

Here's proof that Downy Woodpeckers don't always land on the suet feeder.  They get there eventually but they don't always start there.

May 8--Egyptian, 22nd Dynasty, The Deceased Arriving Before God of the Dead and Making Invocations.  The edges of the papyrus crumbled when I touched it.  I used two pairs of flat tongs to hold it to the light so my skin oils didn't stain the delicate artifact although it was so dry it might have benefited from it.  "What does it say?" Sheila asked.  "It's a list of gifts and prayers this woman... Neferata, I think, is presenting to the God of the Dead."  I strained to make out the hieroglyphs.  "She seems to be from an upper middle class family.  Most of her gifts are food and fabric, not much money and no slaves or servants."  Sheila edged closer to peer at the papyrus.  "Do you think it's real?"  I nodded.  "Yes, I do.  Nobody is eve a regular person on fakes, they're either royalty or filthy rich."

Okey-dokey.  Time to shower off my morning's gardening so I can run a couple errands before Durwood's afternoon doctor appointment.  Seeyabye.

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Aunt B said...

Can't wait to see what happens with those bales. Lots of work to get that all set up.