Friday, May 19, 2017

We Saw One

We saw a hummingbird today.  More than once.  It seems to prefer the oriole feeder over the new hummingbird feeder but we don't care where it sips just as long as we get to see it or them (but I think it's just an "it," a "she" right now).  Once there was the hummingbird on one side of the feeder and an oriole on the other side, both females.  Squee!

I went to the garden center and spent three months' allowance on veggie, herb, and flower plants.  See?  It's chilly (49 degrees) and very windy today, and supposed to be just as chilly and rainy tomorrow, so I guess I'm planting on Sunday.  I tucked the flats of plants up against one of the nice warm bales so they'll be happy until I get them into the bales and pots.  See all the red flowers?  Hummingbirds like them.

I got some sock foot knitted yesterday and didn't notice until I was an inch past the heel that I missed picking up one of the double wraps as I was increasing the heel but I'm certainly not ripping back, I'll just do better next time.

We had an "I Made It" night at last night's knitting guild meeting.  We brought entries in brown paper bags and the items were numbered so it was a blind voting.  I took my Apres Llama socks which didn't take a prize but after they were awarded we all claimed our projects and I was called out and teased for making matching socks.  Seems I have a reputation.

May 19--Edgar Degas, Ballerina with Bouquet Curtsying on Stage.  It was all an illusion.  Rita and the other dancers floated across the stage like dandelion puffs on a breeze.  In reality they were athletes toughened by rigorous training and hours of practice.  It took real muscles to leap in slow motion and land like a feather.  Rita left the stage and as soon as she was in the wings her spine curved and she limped to a bench.  "Barney, I need ice and bandages.  My damned toe is bleeding again."  She untied the ribbons of her shoes and peeled the sheepskin pad off her toes.  It was soaked with blood.  It was a good thing her toe shoes were black so the blood didn't show.

Well, that's cheerful.  This day has sure gotten away from me.  I slept until 8 o'clock.  Didn't get out and about until 11 o'clock, stopped at the birdseed store, the bank (twice), the grocery, the garden center, and the beauty shop, and here's it's time to heat up the leftover pizza so I can eat and then go to Friday Night Knitting.  Already.  Where did the day go?  Maybe I'll find out once I retire.

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Aunt B said...

You're like having my own personal nature photographer. Love the pictures of the hummingbird and oriole. Don't know how you get them but so glad you do. And the flowers all set to go into their new home in the bales. Well, your backyard is a veritable wonderland.
We are now "at home" in Ft. Myers. Got here around 2:00 yesterday and I'm already rearranging furniture -- in my mind, that is. My back isn't up to it quite yet! To be continued.....