Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sunshine Happy


It's sunny again today.  There are a few decorative clouds in the sky but it's mostly sunny and I couldn't be more thrilled.  

Since I convinced (whined enough) Durwood not to have the lawn people spray pesticides or herbicides on the lawn (because it kills beneficial bugs and if they kill the weeds our "lawn" is even more splotchy than it already is, besides no chemicals costs less) we've got these lovely patches of white violets (with a few purple ones) in the spring.  We don't plant them, we never planted them, the birdies plant them and then they spread.  I love them.  I love their flowers.  I love their round, almost heart-shaped leaves.  I'm keeping them.

I knitted yesterday.  At work I added rounds of sock leg.  It's easiest to knit the helical socks at work because I can rest the balls of yarn on the desk and shift them so they don't tangle.  I am amazed at the difference pulling that one skein from the outside edge makes.  Granted these yarn balls are various sock yarns tied together with Magic Knots so this solid color yarn, while attached to the blue speckledy stuff, isn't the same yarn at all.  I don't care.

Then after supper I added an inch or so to LC's 3 Sweater.  I think I'll start with that one at work today, change things up.

It was feeder time this morning.  It was tricky to get then all in the frame but there's a Cardinal, 2 Goldfinches (one bright, one dull) and a flying Sparrow in the right corner that looks like a dust bison rolling by.  And the tulips outside the front door are doing just fine.  One of these days I'll capture them when they're open but for now I'm just glad they haven't become rabbit food.

May 4--Robert Delaunay, Runners.  Clint heard the pounding of their feet behind him on the cinder track and their breathing sounded like stampeding cattle.  The crowd sounds were like a distant storm rising and falling on the wind.. He knew he could win, knew he had the speed and muscle to power to the tape before anyone else.  The yellow stripe passed under his feet, that meant only a hundred yards to go.  He gulped air, filled his entire body with the oxygen he needed to be first.  Suddenly he felt as if he ran in place and the stands and the infield were moving like some virtual reality treadmill.  He felt light, as if his feet were only skimming the ground.  Out of the corner of his eye he saw a pair of fists pumping, knew that was Jarrett pouring it on.  From somewhere deep in his gut he dredged up just enough to maintain his lead, to lean forward, and break the tape.  As soon as he did sound came back.  He heard the crowd roaring and the announcer calling his name, felt the hands pounding his back as he walked to cool down.

Very exciting.  You'd think I could run.  Working again today.  I'm thinking people will remember about SCUBA diving and start streaming in.  Maybe now that it looks like it'll finally be warm for more than one day in a row.  I'm hopeful.  The birdbath wasn't icy this morning.  Woohoo!

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