Sunday, March 26, 2017

Unfortunately Unacceptable

When it came right down to it the knitting that I did on Friday night on Black to White & Back to Black Anklet #6 (such a long name for a small sock but the series is worth it) the 5 missing stitches made a huge difference.  The sole part was pinched in and... well, it was just wrong.  So I frogged it, managed to get all 36 stitches of the sides (18 each) and the 12 heel flap stitches back onto needles with minimal dropping and only a bit of yarn splitting and stitch twisting so that I could forge ahead with renewed focus on the directions and dedication to correctly COUNTING to end the evening's knitting back where I had started.  But this time I have 24 stitches and they're right.  I'll be glad to finish knitting these anklets out of a sock blank I bought from JS at Icon Fiber Arts last year (the year before?) because I love them, love the color movement, and love that I made six out of one ball of yarn.  Now that's yarn economy.

Yesterday afternoon I went over to play with Grand-dog Porter for a bit and while no one was looking I nabbed a couple freshly laid eggs for today's breakfast.  I had a package of Canadian Bacon so I sizzled up a slice and made myself a fried egg sandwich like my Grandma Angermeier used to make for herself when I was a kid... only she used homemade sausage of which I have none and won't because sausage is too salty.

While doing ALL the laundry yesterday I sent the waffle through the washer and dryer to tighten it up so I could see if I want to make another one to sew onto this one so it's stiffer.  I think this is just fine for a play waffle, don't you?  It's floppier than a real waffle but imagination is a good thing.

March 26-Kohosai, Benkei Minamoto no Manju.  The tiny ivory wafer was exquisitely carved.  It wasn't very thick but the artist had somehow made the figures look three-dimensional.  Their tiny faces and even smaller fingers were clear and sharp.  They looked alive, ready to leap out of the netsuke and scamper away.  Terry rubbed her thumb across the edges of the carved areas to see if the reality matched the age the dealer claimed.  She tried to remember the rules about buying and selling ivory and wondered if was really ivory or a carved bone from a cow.

And now I'm going to zip up my red hoodie and go out into the drizzle to knit with a friend who is waging war on cancer.  Red is power, you know.  Hmm, I should probably make her something red to wear...  I'll think on it.

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Aunt B said...

Yes, you have definitely made a knitted waffle -- floppy or not. Getting back to every day living here after the kids left. We had a grand time and looking forward to more of the same once we've moved south. Jeff coming next week so the revolving door is still in action!