Thursday, March 23, 2017

Just To Have Something To Show You...

... I cast on Anklet #6 last night after supper.  (It's the last one of the "Black to White and Back" series so it needs to be done anyway.)  See, all I knitted on at work yesterday was Sudoku Long Strip #1 and, even though I probably added 6", it doesn't look much different than the last time you saw it.  The only other knitting I've been working on is trying to learn Double Knitting and how to tension my yarn in my right hand so I can knit two-handed and that doesn't produce anything but a vague disturbance in the Force from all the cussing and swearing I do (mostly mentally) when I'm working on it.  I still haven't been able to remember how or figure out how to lock my yarns together at the sides to make a tube rather than a muff.  I'm hoping LB knows or remembers and can show me on Friday night.

The suet-eating robin has gotten much better at balancing on the perch to lean around to get some.  See?  No flapping.  I did snap a picture of the cardinal at the feeder again today but he had his back to me and he's not quite at his peak of redness just yet.  I'd still rather see one cardinal than a herd of sparrows.

This morning I was dismayed to see that the birdbath is frozen again.  It's graygraygray and supposed to drizzle or rain off and on today.  Oh goodie.

March 23--Wladislaw Czachorski, Frederick William Great Elector of Brandenburg and his wife Luise Henriette.  "Not a very cheerful looking pair," Detective Savannah said.  "I suspect their shoes hurt their feet."  She didn't say a word about the blood sprayed in a graceful arc across the canvas or the corpse pinned to it by an arrow through its throat.  The newest evidence tech stood with his kit in his hand, his face pale green and sweaty.  "You all right, Albert?" she said, making him jump.  "Uh, sure.  Sure, I'm all right."  He shuffled his feet but didn't move.  The other techs had bent to their tasks, taking pictures, collecting evidence, but young Albert appeared to be stuck in neutral.  She leaned closer.  "Maybe you could draw a diagram of the scene."  He gulped and nodded.  "I think I'll make a diagram of the scene."  "Great idea."

I noticed last week that Office Depot has a giant shredder and there's a sign that says they'll shred stuff for you for a small fee.  Every year when I toss the 10-year-old receipts to reuse the accordion file for the new year I have to sit and shred the old stuff so I tend to put it off.  Finding that I can pay them a little money to do it for me has me all excited.  It's not as much fun as sitting and watching all that paper get chewed up and spit out but not having to do it myself seems very attractive to me.  I think I'll swing by Office Depot on my way to work; it's a mere block away.  Adios.

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