Friday, March 10, 2017

Ran Away

That's what we did, we ran away from home last night.  I raced home from work, flung all of our packing into the van, and off we went.  The weather cooperated so we had a dry, if dark, drive to Ephraim to High Point Inn.

This is my breakfast view.  Ahhhhhhh.  It's a gas dial-a-fireplace with one of those 30 minute timers like for the heat lamps in motel bathrooms used to be so I have to pop up every half hour to restart the fire.  I don't mind.

This is the view from our patio--which we won't be using because it's 11 degrees out there right now.  Since it's sunny I plan to drive up the road a piece to The Clearing to walk along the trails and around the labyrinth.  Better pictures tomorrow, I promise.

As anticipated I finished the first Apres Llama sock yesterday.  It's soooo soft.  It'll probably wear out pretty quickly even though it's a lounge sock rather than an in-a-shoe sock and the foot part will definitely felt because it was very easy to splice on the second skein.

I tried to write last night but I'd taken an hour-long practice nap on the couch once Durwood had gone to bed so not enough brain cells were ticking over for anything coherent to squirt out the end of my pencil.  Sorry about that.  Maybe I'll do better tonight.

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Aunt B said...

Sounds and looks perfect -- everything from the fireplace to the view and to your lounge sock. Great ingredients for a runaway weekend.