Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Sun! The Sun!! The Sun!!!

No fooling around, the sun came up today all naked and cloud-free in a clear blue sky.  No coy playing peek-a-boo with clouds, it rose up above the horizon as if it hadn't been MIA for the last Five. Full. Days.  I can honestly say that I feel almost human today.

Bird TV was in full swing this morning.  A Cardinal was so bold as to stop at the birdbath for a drink.  Then a male Downy Woodpecker dropped from the suet feeder to peck at some suet crumbs the robins had knocked to the ground.  I've rarely seen a Cardinal on the birdbath but I've never seen a woodpecker on the ground before.

Yesterday afternoon I took my anklet project along when I dropped Durwood off at the grocery and then waited in the van for him.  See, it's too hard for him to make it from the van into the store and he misses doing the shopping.  For him going to the grocery is like going to a museum is for me.  He likes to go up and down each aisle and examine random items and being with him makes me crazy, so I wrote out a list for him and gave him a ride.  As an added bonus I made great progress on Anklet #6.  Ten more rounds and it's time to toe.

After supper I used some of the things I put on the shopping list to make a vat of Creamy Asparagus and Cauliflower Soup.  Despite the name it has no cream in it, the cooked cauliflower makes the creaminess.  I doctored it up a bit, added a few onions (I'll add more next time) and used DIL1's chef tip to add 1-2 Tablespoons of lemon juice to "brighten" up flavors in bland dishes.  I ran the recipe through WW's recipe create function and one-eighth of the batch costs only 1 point so I had 12 pretzel nuggets (3) and 1/2 oz. cheese (2) for lunch.  Yum.

March 28--Vincent van Gogh, Fishing in Spring, the Pont de Clichy.  Charlie watched from the bridge as the fisherman got settled in his boat.  She wanted to fish.  Granddad had taken her brother, Louis fishing a few times when Charlie was too little but Granddad had forgotten everyone including himself and had to go live in a home.  People put extra emphasis on "home" when they meant not a house home but a place for old people who need extra care to live, a nursing home.  You would think it would be a sad place but it wasn't, not too much, because Granddad's home was right next to her school so it was like having a whole crowd of grandmas and granddads, uncles and aunties too.  Charlie thought it would be perfect if only there was a place to fish.

I got busy and neglected to finish this but now that the sun is setting and all I have to do is go sit with my feet up and knit, also watch something semi-educational on TV, I have time to finish.  Aren't I the lucky one?  Or maybe it's you... *taps lips with finger*

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Aunt B said...

Your green soup looks -- and sounds -- delicious. Love your comparison of the grocery store to a museum. But it's so apt. Glad you can make that outing work for both of you.