Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bird TV

This morning's episode of Bird TV (no squirrels today) was filled with excitement, featuring a Cardinal, a Downy Woodpecker, and a Goldfinch molting from winter to spring feathers.  You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw his mottled avocado and yellow plumage.  It's another gray, windy day with the promise of intermittent rain but seeing all those pretty birds kind of made up for it.  Kind of.

In car news wrap-up, my car's back where it belongs, fully strutted, and with a new air filter ready for whatever little rodent keeps its winter stores there.  There isn't any way to keep the little buggers out of there so I guess I'll make it a point to have CS check on it every once in a while.  I mean, I knew that one of them stored seed in the tray of the hose reel cabinet thingy but I didn't think one would go all the way around the house to mess with my car's innards.  Sheesh.


I got into the groove making the heel and picking up stitches of Anklet #6 last night.  I suspect that I goofed it up royally since I'm supposed to have 24 stitches left and I had 19.  Do I really want to frog back and see if I can't focus better on what I'm doing and make it right or do I just want to forge ahead and pick up extra stitches along the sides to even things out?  Depends.  I think the first thing to do is compare it to one of the previous 5 anklets to see if it's a fatal mistake or just a "design element."  More later.

Today is laundry and sheet changing day.  Woohoo!  Will the fun ever stop?  I plan to plonk myself on the couch in between bouts of laundry flopping-around to listen to podcasts or audiobooks and knit.  Maybe even on the possibly acceptable Anklet #6.

March 25--Mathew Brady, Thomas Alva Edison with his Phonograph.  You can see the energy and curiosity blazing from his eyes.  Tom Edison might have been young but he had the mind of a titan with the drive to back it up.  It must have been so frustrating to see beyond the status quo while surrounded by people satisfied with it.  It was hard for him to sit still and easy to keep going after failure upon failure.  He took good notes that led him to success without too many setback or detours.

And that, kids, is pretty much all I know (or made up) about Thomas Edison, inventor extraordinaire.  If you're ever in Ft. Myers, Florida (hi, Aunt B!) take the time to stop into Edison's winter home and lab there.  We've visited a few times and loved it.  I especially love the wide porches with lazily turning ceiling fans spaced along their length.  Go see it.  There's a huge banyan tree in the yard/parking lot (or there was 30-some years ago anyway) that's totally worth seeing.  End of travelogue.  The dryer just buzzed so it's time to flip flop the laundry.

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Aunt B said...

Funny that you mentioned Thomas Edison and Ft. Myers because that is on my To Do List today -- check out where Thomas Edison's home is located in our new hometown. Great minds!!! Love all your birds.