Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sunny, Windy & COLD

Despite the fact that the weatherman in my phone told me that it was 11 degrees yesterday at midday, I hopped into the van, drove a few miles up the pike to take a little walk at my favorite Door County location for peace and rejuvenation, The Clearing.  I didn't stop at the office, didn't let anyone know I was there, just parked and walked to the labyrinth, through the woods, and down to the bluff.  It was gorgeous and so peaceful.  Look at that sky.  Who wouldn't be soothed by that expanse of blue decorated by puffy white clouds?  

I always pause before taking the first step into the labyrinth to settle my mind and let a thought bubble up, something I can mull over while I walk.


I like the white stones marking the paths and the black ones telling you where not to cross.  


Once you reach the center there's a slab of stone seat (off center, as it should be) where you can sit facing any direction to let your thoughts go before you start back to the real world.

Instead of going back through the field, the way I had come, I took a narrow, twisting path through the woods.  About halfway back here's what I saw--a tree that had fallen across the path, probably in the winds last week.  It was just at the right height and had enough branch ends poking out that I couldn't go over or under it.  Fortunately I could go around. 

(more walk pictures tomorrow, since I'll probably stay in today and loll in my yoga pants and hoodie which will generate zero photo ops)

After I got back I cast on Apres Llama sock #2, knitted the cuff, and worked through the little bit of Fair Isle slip-stitchery, remembering to turn it inside out so my floats didn't get too tight, and on into the sock leg a couple rounds.  It wasn't until I was going around with the khaki that I realized that, once again, I had screwed up one of the color slashes.  I'm leaving it, that way both socks with have an "oops" and one won't feel bad and the other one won't gloat.  (good rationalization, don't you think?)

I had a little wine before supper (but I don't think it contributed to the sock "oops") then Durwood and I played a few rounds of good old-fashioned dominoes after we ate.  Santa put a set of small dominoes in my stocking last Christmas so Durwood tucked them into the food tote and we played.  It was fun, we'll do it again, probably tonight.  Not much thinking involved, a tiny bit of strategy, a good game for a relaxing weekend.

March 11--Edgar Degas, The Milliner's Shop.  Clarice squinted to see past her own reflection in the shop window.  The Hat Shoppe looked out of place, like a leftover from another era.  She had a deep suspicion of a store that called itself a "shoppe" and this one just looked wrong.  Her mother wore hats.  Every lady did in those days, but those days were long gone and few women that she knew wore them.  She didn't need a hat and probably would never wear one but she felt compelled to go in.  If it was too cutesy she'd turn right around and leave.

You know, last week working my way through all the get-away prep I thought maybe we should just skip it and Thursday was overwhelming but now that we're here I'm glad we came.  I guess I needed three days of doing nothing (and the inability to access any chores) more than I thought.  If you need me, I'll be the one holding down the south end of the couch.  Don't need me.

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Aunt B said...

Love all the pictures this time (but when do I NOT?). Made me feel as if I was right there with you. Perfect cozy get-away weekend. It's actually snowing down here right now. Just in time for Spring!