Friday, March 17, 2017

But First, A Complaint...

My plan for this morning was to go out with gloves and a garbage bag to round up all the trash that blew into the yard when we had a big wind 10 days ago.  I noticed when I filled the feeders after we got home last Monday (another day with surprise snow) that there are Coke cans in the flowerbed behind the seed bins.  I don't have Coke cans in my recycling so they blew over from a neighbor's bin.  Now it's all covered with wet, sloppy snow. *sigh*  Maybe later.  

The daffodils don't seem to mind and the hyacinth is tucked into a corner where it avoids the snow most of the time, unless it's a "normal" winter where we have snow that piles up instead of the "winter lite" we've had the last few years.

Last night's class at knitting guild was awesome.  Lucy Neatby is an eyeful of a person and a very good teacher of a very foreign (at least to those of us in that room) double knitting technique.  Double knitting is a way to knit a tube, pocket, or thick fabric with sides that don't connect to each other.  The first swatch sample, the one with the green cast-on edge and white from then on is single color Double Knitting three different ways.  The swatch sample still on the needle is two color Double Knitting where one side is one color and the other is a second color.  I crossed a stitch in the first sample but she showed me how to fix it and I did.  There's a lot to think about in this technique so I'll be practicing it every day until I remember it.  Oh, and I won a door prize; her book about finishing your knitting, which is something I could really use.  Did I think to ask her to autograph it?  Not until I got home.  *head, desk*

Yesterday I crocheted two more blueberries for the play kitchen using an even smaller hook and cutting out more rounds and I like them much better.  Then I made a couple raspberries but now that I look at them they shouldn't have a ruffled edge.  I'm leaving these but will make a couple more today with a better top.  Then I started crocheting a waffle but the hook is too big and I crochet too loosely for it to look right so I'll rip it out and try again with a three sizes smaller hook.

March 17--Giorgione, The Boy with the Arrow.  What color were his eyes?  Lynn tried not to stare at the young man clearing tables in the cafe.  He was kept hopping as diners left and more arrived to take their places.  He had glanced at her while pushing his hair out of his way and his eyes looked to be the gold of ripe wheat.  His dark curls had escaped from the rubber band at the nape of his neck.  All that loose hair wouldn't be tolerated in the States.  It would be gathered up in a hairnet, not tumbling over his forehead making grown women sigh.

Hey, it's St. Paddy's day, the day when everyone is Irish.  I'm meeting a friend for lunch at the only Irish restaurant in town today.  That may or may not have been a good choice.  I've got a corned beef brisket that I'll cook maybe tomorrow, maybe Sunday, depends when I get to the store for cabbage, onions, and potatoes.  I'm thinking I'll slap it into the crockpot... or maybe I'll roast it like I usually do.  Only time and my mood will tell.  Erin go bragh!

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Aunt B said...

Yes, your knitting instructor is certainly colorful. But so many young people are like that nowadays -- blue hair, etc. Love those brave little spring flowers enduring the snow. And I hope it's the last of that stuff for you.