Monday, March 27, 2017

If The Sun Doesn't Shine Soon...

I think I'm going to lose my tenuous grip on sanity.  The whole weekend was rainy/drizzly/gray/chilly.  Unrelentingly.  The longer this goes on the more lethargic and testy I get and those of you familiar with me know that a testy me isn't a very pleasant me to be around.  Shine, dammit.

It was Rodent Day on Bird & Squirrel TV today.  The Cardinal made a cameo appearance but flew away before I got his picture and there's no sunshine to make him look bright red and cheerful anyway so...  This little chipmunk uses our step to survey his domain.  I don't know if you can see in the picture but its cheek pouches are crammed full of cracked corn and other seeds dropped from feeders.  It was probably on its way to store the stuff in my car's air filter.

This squirrel thought it'd bypass the corn and seed on the ground and go right to the source.  See that square part sticking out from the "roof" at the top?  That's the seed container, the roof part is attached to a decorative part that slides down when something weighty gets on it and covers all of the openings with metal leaves thereby preventing the squirrel from emptying the feeder.  Ha!  Fooled you.

I made a little headway on the anklet foot yesterday and then I watched the Double Knitting online class I signed up for and finally found where she teaches how to lock the yarns together at the sides so you're making a tube instead of a muff.  I have to adapt it (of course I do) because I switch which hand holds which yarn since I can't seem to purl with my right hand--yet.  I intend to keep practicing until I either get it or run out of yarn.  Either one could take a while.

March 27--Titian, The Girl and the Mirror.  Andrew looked at the pictures scattered across the table and the floor around it.  Most of them were of a young woman with skin like milk and long, wavy red hair.  Some of the photos were torn in two.  Others had figures carved out leaving only the girl.  Andrew resisted the temptation to gather the pieces to try to reassemble them.  "Who is she?" he asked Douglas.  "Some girl who posed for art lab," he said with a shrug.  "I never knew her name."  He sifted through the mess of pictures.  "I wanted to draw her again so I took these."  Andrew was on the verge of asking why some were cut up but he heard Douglas murmur, "Poor pretty girl wouldn't hold still.  I just wanted to paint her."

Well, that's creepy.  Time to zoom off to the grocery store with Durwood.  Maybe the sun will come out later.  Fingers crossed.

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Aunt B said...

I hope you got some sunshine. It's dreadful to not have some blue sky and white clouds to lift your mood. I always feel better -- even if its cold -- if the sky is blue. So I'm with you -- SHINE Damnit!!!