Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Last Few Checkmarks

Last night after supper Durwood and I parked ourselves at separate tables and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped gifts.  I always think I don't have many presents and it doesn't even look like many when I make the piles, but then it takes hours to get everything wrapped.  This pile is about half, I had already carried the smaller packages downstairs when I took this.  No, they don't get put under the tree until Christmas Eve.  Santa comes on Christmas Eve, silly.  Tonight I'll hang the stockings.

This morning I unrolled the new sleeping bag and used a SCUBA tank to blow up the air mattress for GC to sleep on AND it fits exactly in the spot I cleared for him.  Hooray.  I'm so glad for SCUBA tanks and filler nozzles so I didn't have to hand or foot pump this thing up or, God forbid, blow it up by mouth.  The sleeping bag isn't flannel lined like our old ones were but I think I've got a flannel or cotton liner-thing at the shop that will make it warmer to crawl into bed.  I dug out a wool afghan in case GC gets chilly.  I'm a nice person.  (if I say it enough, maybe I'll convince myself--and others)

And it's snowing.  Not much but flakes are falling.  Bah.

Look at the pretty yarn our cleaning lady gave me.  She was clearing out, found this yarn, and didn't remember why or when she bought it so she gave it to me.  I'll make something out of it, maybe even something for her.  One of these days.

Hey, does anyone know what keystrokes make your displayed page bigger?  I somehow did the ones that make it smaller so it's a little squinty in here right now.  Anyone?  Help.

There was no writing last night.  It was straight up midnight when I finally turned out the tree and toddled off to bed.  Today's going to be a tired one.  *yawn*  Later, dudes and dudettes.  Lunch!  I have to make lunches!  Bye.


Ann said...

Ctrl and + 😀

Aunt B said...

Your packages look beautiful. Love that they're all wrapped in Christmas paper and not just crammed into Christmas bags. More fun to open. Sounds like you're all set for Christmas.