Monday, December 5, 2016


It was snowing when I got up yesterday, it snowed all day, and it was snowing when I went to bed.  Happily the flakes were tiny and it was just cold enough to snow so we got about an inch.  Whew.  Snowing that long could be bad but we dodged the bullet.  I had to broom off my car and shovel the driveway a bit, then sprinkle some salt on it but it wasn't bad.  Last night the snow piled up on all of the bare branches of the maple tree and I couldn't resist going out to take its picture.  When I was out shoveling I was thrilled and exhilarated to see patches of blue sky.  Of course, they've filled in with clouds now but for a few minutes there we had actual sunlight.  Ahhh.

I was eating my Cheerios this morning when a bird hit the kitchen window.  I looked out to see the Sharp-shinned Hawk swooping across the yard toward the honeysuckle.  I grabbed the camera but by the time it was up and running the hawk had moved to the back fence but I took its picture anyway.  I don't think it caught a bird.

I didn't start the last mitten animal last night after all.  I just kept working on Anklet #5 and got to the part where you add in the instep stitches and start knitting in the round.  I've got my knitting basket ready to go to work with me and I'm absolutely certain that the Mitten Badger will be started and maybe finished before time to lock the door at 6 o'clock.  Unless, of course, there's a continuous parade of customers clamoring to buy gifts and assorted goodies for their diving and snorkeling loved ones.  I swear I'll put my yarn down every time someone comes in and I won't hurry them out so I can go back to my crocheting.  Cross my heart.

December 5--Kozlowski/Stockline, Flower Girl.  Mabel couldn't sit still.  She hopped on one foot and then the other.  She twirled around to watch the skirt of her yellow organdy dress fly out like a parachute.  When she stopped twirling she felt her long curls bounce like springs.  "Mabel," Mama said from the other room, "be sure you don't get dirty and don't eat anything."  Mabel stopped twirling and staggered a little before catching her balance.  "I won't, Mama," she called back.  All that hopping and twirling and bouncing had made her thirsty so she took a big drink of Uncle Jack's tea that he'd left on the table.  It tasted funny, not sweet like the tea Mama and Aunt Peaches drank.  It made Mabel feel like she was twirling when she was standing still.

Did you ever take a sip of someone's cocktail when you were a kid and no one was looking?  Guilty.  I didn't like it much but I did like the Manhattan-soaked cherries Aunt Irene and Uncle Al would give me when we'd go to Turners for supper with Grandma and Grandpa.  I get to work today because Mrs. Boss is off diving in Honduras and then tonight Durwood and I are going to the launch party for DS and DIL1's beer, Good Dog Porter.  Woohoo!  We're all so excited for them.

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Aunt B said...

Can't wait to hear about the launch party. There were a couple of pictures on FB but I want your take on it. I know you'll be very descriptive. It sounds really exciting for them.