Friday, December 9, 2016

Second Pit Is In The Pot

I spread newspaper on the table this morning and got avocado pit #1 potted.  If you look very closely at the upper right part of the pit in the photo you can see the infinitesimal stem growing out of the split in the pit. (I circled it for you)  This is the first pit that we started sprouting, the one where I ignored the directions to let it dry out overnight and just stuck toothpicks in and hung in a jelly jar with its bottom covered with water way back in the end of May.  It grew roots at about the same time as pit #2 but it took forever to split the husk and another forever to send up this little shoot.  Hopefully it'll enjoy moving into a pot with Miracle Gro soil like the other one did and start making leaves, etc.

At work yesterday I applied myself to finishing the first of three makeup remover cloths I'm knitting to give to someone for Christmas.  Aren't these pretty colors?  I've got some pink variegated and some turquoise variegated for the other two since those are the giftee's favorite colors.

Then after supper I piled myself up on the couch with an ice pack (it's so cold out I'm reluctant to ice my ankle but it does help keep swelling down and helps the tendons heal and I'm all in favor of that) to finish my second Mitten Badger head.  This one is much better.  Much much better.  So I'm going to ignore any random dots and make the body tonight and get these animals done so I can figure out how big to knit the Mitten and get that done.  It's getting close to the time to get all the presents out and sorted before wrapping.

Oh, you want to know how cold it is?  This is the way the birdbath's been looking for days.  Early morning, late afternoon, middle of the night, it doesn't matter, the only open water is right around the heater.  I go out in the morning with a half gallon of hot tap water and fill it up.  Ice takes up a lot of water, don't you know.

December 9--Richard T. Nowitz, Space Camp.  Lena frowned as she tried to join the cable plugs wearing heavy gloves.  "How does anybody get things done in these things?"  She flung the cables in opposite directions and stomped out of the shuttle simulator.  As she wrenched off her helmet she heard her team lead, Ramona, say, "Astronaut Lena Cortez dies when her pressure suit is breached in a freak accident.  Funeral at eleven."  Everyone laughed.  Even Professor Mason smiled.  "Oh very funny, Mooney.  You try doing this fiddly stuff in these gloves."  It had been a humbling week for Lena.  She was used to being the smartest kid in her whole school but at Space Camp she was just average.  It was a hard reality to face.

It was blessedly sunny all day today but thick blue-gray clouds have moved in late this afternoon.  It's probably a good thing I got the snowblower out of the shed and into the garage, and stopped at a gas station and bought it fresh premium (no ethanol) gas.  They're talking about 1-3" of snow tomorrow night.  Yippee.  I want to see if I can't get a pint of Good Dog Porter to take to knitting tonight so people can taste DS's first commercial beer.  I can get some in a jelly jar, right?  It has a lid so it's not like I'll have a beer glass in my lap while I'm driving.  I'll even put it in the back seat.  Really, Officer, I wasn't planning to drink it while driving.  Cross my heart.  Wish me luck.

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Aunt B said...

Brrrr! Chilly down here too but nothing like your frozen birdbath weather. Beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.