Saturday, December 10, 2016

Mitten Animals? Check.

Last night at Friday Night Knitting I made the Mitten Badger body, got it stuffed and got the head sewn on.  Once I got home I gave it blue eyes, a pink smile, and a white patch on its belly.  Now all the mitten animals are done.  This afternoon I'll cast on the mitten.  Woohoo!


Speaking of casting on, I'm two segments into Makeup Remover Cloth #2.  It's funny how much smaller this one will be than the previous one but evidently this yarn's quite a bit thinner than the previous stuff.  I don't really care, it's just interesting.  Can you believe I'm knitting something pink?  Neither can I.

On my way to FNK, I swung by my favorite brewer's house and wheedled a pint of beer to take along so the knitters could taste the beer.  Yes, I put the sealed container in the back seat.  No, I wasn't tippling while driving, Officer.  Hic.

December 10--Mark Gamba, Toddler in Puddle.  There's something magnetic about a puddle.  Children get puddles.  They haven't outgrown the allure of splashing in a shallow pool of water on the sidewalk after it rains.  If the puddle's on asphalt there's a good chance there will be an oily rainbow on it.  Who wouldn't want to stamp both feet into that still water and make a splash?  Why else would they make rubber boots?

I think I'm going to slap some pictures on here, get dressed, and head out to Walmart before the bulk of the Wal-Martians arrive for the day.  I think I'll get ingredients for one or two of the things I want to serve when the whole family's here at Christmas so I can make things ahead and not be a slave to the kitchen.  I have a list, remember?  Toodles.

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Aunt B said...

That is one happy badger. And the whole menagerie looks wonderful but you're going to have to make a BIG mitten. Your story about kids and puddles reminded me of a cute picture Abbi put on Instagram of August and Bash stomping around in a puddle sporting their neat boots. Timeless.