Friday, December 23, 2016


I don't have a picture to show you but last night when I was taking the 3 quart Pyrex casserole filled with a 3# batch of Sloppy Joe meat out of the microwave the lid slid to the right breaking off about a quarter of the dish and spattering most of the contents of hot meat goop all over the floor, the wall, the top of the portable dishwasher, and oozed grease down the side of the dishwasher.  We will not discuss the sadness and frustration I felt as I used a dustpan and brush to scoop up last night's supper and this weekend's lunches.  Part of the meat remained in the unbroken part of the dish but there was no way I would risk anyone by serving sandwiches garnished with glass shards.  Of course, the grease was a bitch to clean up.  I finally got out the Murphy's Oil Soap to make a bucket of wash water so that no one slid on the floor which had become very very slick.  As I was finishing the last of the cleanup and rejoicing that I'd bought a pre-sliced ham for lunch backup, there was a knock on the door and the Kentucky kids arrived in a flurry of luggage and big big big hugs.  They went to Kroll's, the local burger restaurant known far and wide, for lunch and then DD is taking GC on a tour because he's never had a white Christmas.  He said last night that he kept expecting the snow to disappear as they drove north.  I didn't have the heart to tell him that we'll have snow until, oh, April, and this afternoon it's snowing in his honor.  I told him I'd ordered a snowy Christmas just for him.  He said, "Thanks, you shouldn't have," and I think he meant it.  

I got the last mitten top finished yesterday afternoon and got the mittens boxed and wrapped as soon as I got home just in case they drove faster than I thought they would.  I'll take a picture of the finished product once the recipient has opened them.

I'm making progress on Anklet #5, only 10 more foot rounds before I start the toe decreases, then there'll be enough of this sock blank for one more anklet and then I have to think of what to knit next.  Any suggestions?  I could just check my queue on Ravelry.  Or go downstairs to fondle yarn until inspiration strikes.

What with the Sloppy Joe debacle and arrival of our company I didn't write last night.  In fact I'm kind of surprised I'm blogging today.  It's time to start chopping toppings for tonight's chicken tacos.  I will not be racing around like a crazed weasel tonight so no part of tonight's dinner will get dropped.  No, no chance of having to throw away another supper.  Nope.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.  Happy Hanukkah if you swing that way.  When does Kwanzaa start?  I don't want to leave anyone out.  I figure the more celebrating we do together, the less we'll hurt each other in word or deed.  Be nice.  Santa's watching.  Or somebody is so don't risk it.

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Aunt B said...

Oh No!!! I cannot imagine your frustration about the Sloppy Joe disaster. And what a greasy mess to clean up. But thankfully you got it done before the kids arrived. Glad you're having the white Christmas we all envision. We're off to Florida tomorrow for a week. Back next year -- early new year. New Year's Day in fact. Have a wonderful time with all the family. XXX