Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cold Beer Here!

Monday night was the Green Bay Launch Party for DS & DIL1's first commercial beer, Good Dog Porter.  One of their friends hosted the party in his gorgeous establishment on Washington St. and it was very well attended, and not just by family either.  They have tap handles with their name on it and DS circulated around handing out samples of the delicious beer.  I'm not a beer drinker, not much of  a drinker at all actually, but I liked it.  It tasted of chocolate and coffee, with a hint of molasses.  It did taste like beer in the end but with all those yummy flavors at the beginning I could put up with a little beer taste.  I bought a pair of glasses (because I can't afford to buy them a whole brewery) with their logo on.  Isn't it cute?  So if you're in Green Bay stop in at The Libertine for a taste before they run out.  It'll be more readily available in the central and southern part of the state since that's the territory of their distributor (their distributor, doesn't that sound like a real business? very grown up) but with any luck in not too many months the business will grow and start showing up in more places.  Right now it's only in kegs but I have faith that one of these days people will say, "stop at the store on your way over for a 6-pack of Zambaldi, will you?"

Holy bejeebers, it's cold and windy today.  I made my first bowl of oatmeal of the winter today for breakfast and I'm wearing my long johns and wool socks and I have foot warmers in my knitting basket if things get desperate later.  Yesterday it got up to 41 degrees so Sunday's snow mostly went away.

I started the Mitten Badger the other night and haven't gotten any further and in my slight beer fog I cast on the first of three makeup remover cloths I'm making for someone for Christmas.  Don't ask, I won't tell, but isn't that pretty yarn?  It's soft too.

The squirrels have really figured out where the goodies are.  This trio is half of the squirrels that raced over as soon as I got inside from filling the feeders yesterday.  Bird & Squirrel TV was evidently having a marathon--or maybe it's just too cold to forage far and this old lady puts out the good stuff.

While eating my breakfast today I made up a menu and shopping list for Christmas weekend in my Bullet Journal.  Aren't you impressed?  Me too.  Now if I only follow through and start cooking ahead...

December 7--Zurmuhlen/Stockline, Bradley.  "Ray Earl, you get out of that Maytag."  Louise heard the buzzsaw voice echo down from the hill behind her cabin.  The rental agent told her that a family lived a quarter-mile back there but said she probably wouldn't see or hear them.  She'd come out on the deck with a mug of coffee to soak in the peace of the day only to hear that someone was in a washing machine.  A metallic thunk echoed down the valley followed by a wild laugh.  She imagined a child hiding in a washer, then the lid slamming shut, and someone turning it on.  That couldn't be right.

Today is Pearl Harbor Day.  Thank a vet, a really old vet.  Gotta run, gonna be late.

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Aunt B said...

I'm impressed with your bullet journal. We're having a little brunch thing here Sunday morning -- three other couples -- and I have my menu planned and a semi-shopping list put together. But it doesn't look as thorough as your Holiday week plan. I do like making lists.
The launch party sounded and looked like a huge success. Congrats to the kids.