Monday, December 12, 2016

Made It To Goodwill

The snowblower did start (after I flooded it) so I got rid of the few inches of fluffy snow that fell overnight and through the morning.  As long as I was bundled up and my car was on the street I went inside to get my purse and drove off to see if my hunch was right about getting to the Goodwill on the other side of the stadium.  See, if you haven't been to Green Bay, you don't realize that when they built Lambeau Field in the late 50s (or so) it was on the far edge of town but over the intervening years town has edged to and around it so Lambeau Field is basically in a neighborhood.  There are houses across the street to the north and houses across the parking lots to the south, houses that actual people live in (except for a few "party" houses that sneaked in when no one was looking but the neighbors have risen up in protest to quell the spread of them) so on home game days my part of the west side is a bit crazy with cars all going to the same place.  My plan was to go in the opposite direction to the game cars and it worked.  I was about the only car going south on 41 when there was a loooooong line of cars waiting to turn off on the Lombardi Ave. exit and then I circled around to the north and west to get home.  Worked like a charm.  I got 2 skeins of Rowan Big Wool that retails for $16.95/skein for $3.99/skein, 2 copies of Cast On/Bind Off (one for me and one for HH), a fun-looking board book for the grandkid library, and Crochet One-skein Wonders for Babies (which I plan to return, I didn't find any patterns I couldn't live without).  Everything I bought was $3.99 which made it easy to figure out how much I was spending.


Here's how the patio looked before I went out to fill the feeders this morning.  The hawk stopped by before I went out there to lure any birds to the buffet.  It flew away disappointed.

I finished the Mitten Mitten last night.  Hooray.  It's not exactly as I pictured it but all of the animals fit in there just fine so it'll work.

Then I got to work on the second makeup removal cloth.

I didn't write last night.  After supper I whipped up a 3# batch of Sloppy Joes to freeze for eating when the KY kids are here and with all the snow removal (because, of course, the plow came by after I'd cleared the driveway so I had to go out again) and driving on the snowy roads, I was tired.  Today I want to go get some rotisserie chickens to debone for making Chicken Tacos when our company is here.  I'm determined to get most of the food at least partially made so I'm not a slave to food prep while they're here for such a short time.

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Aunt B said...

Glad you made it to the Goodwill. And it was a successful outing. Quite a haul and for wonderful prices. The big white mitten is incredible and all the animals look so cute spread out there on it. Those grandkids will have fun with it for sure.