Thursday, December 15, 2016

More Moon, More Food

Last night on my way home from work, while standing in the crazy wind that cut right through my heavy coat, the full moon came up over the trees but I was too frozen to dig around for my phone to take its picture.  BUT when I put the shade up at 6:30 this morning and was standing in the barely-there breeze from the window I haven't put plastic over yet, there was the Full Cold Moon shining its silver light on the snow and the covers so I dashed (okay, sauntered) for the camera to take one more full moon photo to impose on you.  (I wish I took better pictures of the moon but I love seeing it and sharing it so this is what you get)

It was so cold and so windy (blowing snow was everywhere; it didn't snow, it just blew what we had around--a lot) yesterday that very few people ventured out and not many of them were thinking of going SCUBA diving so I got all the work on Mrs. Boss' list done in jig time so I could finish Makeup Removal Cloth #3 and even got a couple rounds done on Anklet #5.  I am resisting the urge to cast on a whole lot of things because I don't have hand-knitted things for everyone on my list.  I'm resisting, resisting... NO! I'm NOT going downstairs for yarn to replace DD's flip-top mittens that got felted by the post-house fire cleanup people... I'm not... okay, I probably am, especially since I still have some of the same yarn in the stash.  I might have even printed off the pattern yesterday... I'll be downstairs digging through the purple bin, if you need me.

After supper last night (a lovely doctor-up of a jar of spaghetti sauce on whole wheat noodles, which makes all the difference, they taste like something) I mixed up another batch of those buttery icebox cookies we made a couple weeks ago.  It's just too easy to grab a few of those tiny cookies as you heat up a cup of coffee or mug of tea and, poof, a batch is history.  I may hide some of these or maybe I'll just freeze some of the rolls of dough.  Nah, I won't, three more adults are arriving a week from today and we'll need cookies for nibbling.  (HOORAY, only a week and DD, SIL1, and GC will be here!  Yay!) Then I stirred together the Cranberry Orange glaze for the (bag of frozen) meatballs I'm taking to share at Knitting Guild tonight.  I've got the meatballs and glaze in the crockpot ready to take to work.  I'll plug it in around midday so that the glaze can permeate the balls, make the store smell great, and be ready for the potluck tonight.  I even found a package of fancy picks in the back of the cupboard that look like little wooden forks for serving.  I'm excited to taste the glaze; you melt equal parts of orange marmalade, jellied cranberry sauce, and chicken broth together.  The recipe calls for a lot of jalapeno but I'm making this for a room full of ladies of a certain age so I just added a pinch of red pepper flakes to toots up the heat a tiny bit.  I'll let you know how they turn out.

December 15--Monica Rich Kosann, Sharing.  Julie and Jake sat on either side of Eli, their small hands colliding in the bowl of popcorn in his lap.  "Take it easy, you guys, you're getting popcorn all over my uniform."  This was the first year Eli was on a team that had real uniforms.  Every other year they'd worn printed tee shirts with whatever shorts or pants they had.  But this year the team had a real sponsor, Mead's Motors, and Mr. Mead had sprung for real uniforms.  Eli didn't mind sitting with the twins before the game but he wasn't going to tolerate them smearing fake popcorn butter all over his uniform pants.

Let's see... moon, knitting, food, a smidgen of writing... yep, time to wrap this up, find some breakfast, shower, and get bundled up for work.  I've even remembered to take along my homemade dishcloth for the exchange at Guild and I have a couple seasonal headbands to wear to the party.  Nobody else "dresses up" for it but it is a party and I think somebody should look a little festive and foolish.  That'd be me.

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Aunt B said...

I hope the headbands you mentioned are antlers. I have a mental image of your mother sporting them some years ago. All your food sounds delicious. You've been very, very busy. As usual!