Wednesday, December 14, 2016

P-p-p-polar V-v-v-v-vortex

Holy bejeebers, it's cold outside.  This is what sunrise looks like when it's five degrees.  Brrr.  It's windy too, and it doesn't look like it'll improve for a while.  Then there's the crapload of snow they say that's on the way for the weekend.  Guess I'll be doing my Christmas baking and more cooking-ahead on Saturday and Sunday.  That means I take myself and my long food list to the store on Friday morning and lay in supplies.  The tree will get put up then too, unless I decide to do that tonight... nah, I'll put together another batch of that icebox butter cookie dough after supper (since I've already got the butter out to soften and took what's left of the sweetened condensed milk away from Mr. I'll-Just-Put-It-In-My-Coffee-So-It-Doesn't-Go-To-Waste) and then maybe knit while icing my ankle.

Speaking of cooking ahead, I got the rice for Mexican Rice cooked yesterday and put into the freezer.  I'm chipping away at the food list.  There's no danger of anyone starving over the holiday weekend.  None.  Not even if we get snow up to the rafters, we'll have plenty of food.  P.L.E.N.T.Y.

I finished Makeup Removal Cloth #2 and started #3.  These are such cheerful colors--even if one of them is the dreaded pink.

Last night was the December Full Moon.  Any guesses what they call the December Full Moon?  The Full Cold Moon or the Full Long Night Moon.  They ain't just whistling Dixie, they're absolutely correct on both accounts.  There are two pictures because I went out in the frigid night to take the top picture and then when I put up the shade this morning around 6:30 the full moon was still making its way across the sky so you get to look at that too.  Because I like it.

December 14--Monica Rich Kosann, Reading a Story.  Leann loved the feeling of Amos and Mackie snuggled up to her while she read to them.  All too soon they'd be old enough to read for themselves.  Amos was already sounding out words and Mackie had her favorite stories memorized.  Leann remembered sitting next to her mom while Mom read a chapter of The Secret Garden to her at night before bed.  When Dad read The Call of the Wild to her brothers she would lay on the floor and color so she could listen to the "boy" story.  That's how old she was, how things had changed since she was a girl.  She read Nancy Drew but never the Hardy Boys.  Now kids read whatever interested them, there weren't books only for one sex or the other, not really.  That was a good thing, a very good thing.

I had a chiro appointment this morning before work and I'm surprised she could even feel my bones through all the clothes I have on.  I remembered to toss a packet of foot warmers into my knitting bag today so I've got warm feet today too.  Hallelujah.

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Aunt B said...

Ohhhhhh the first picture just looks too cold. Good weekend to stay in an do some of your make-ahead cooking.