Sunday, June 9, 2013

What Season Is This?

I don't know.  Last Wednesday I wore long jeans, a long-sleeved tee, and a wool cardi/shrug to work.  Thursday was cool and drizzly.  Friday started cool and gray, then it perked up and got sunny and warm enough for shorts.  Yesterday started cool and overcast and then it got sunny and warm so I could mow the lawn in shorts and a tank top.  I went out to take some pix this morning and it was chilly and overcast again, and it was after 10 AM, now it's sunny but breezy.  You should see our laundry--there's every combination of clothes that we own, all in the same week.  *flings hands up*  We've got the a/c on because Durwood's allergies are in full swing with all the pollen out there so I think it's stuffy and warm in the house and he thinks it's just right, maybe a little cool.  Whatever season this is, it promises to be a long one of thermostat wars here chez Malcolm.

I got the lawn mowed yesterday morning and then I figured out how to plant my bell peppers in that upside down hanging planter thing.  It seems unnatural to me but I'm willing to give it a whirl.  I had one tall shepherd's crook already in the corner of the garden so I figured it was all set, then I started pouring soil into the thing.  With every scoop the crook bent over farther until I was certain it was going to fall with the slightest breeze.  I stood and frowned at it for a while, then I realized that I could wire-tie the crook to the nearest fence post to hold it up.  Naturally I couldn't push the crook into the space where the end post was, that would have been too easy and out of the way.  I managed to get it all tied up, filled with soil, and watered in my second-choice spot, and it's still up today.  So far, so good.
This morning when I was making my breakfast I saw the woodchuck/groundhog amble through again.  Durwood thinks maybe it's living under the shed; I'm not so sure.  I plan to go online and see where they like to live.  Wouldn't that be a fun critter to have move in?  I wonder if they eat chipmunks, or at least chase them away?  I'm losing patience with the versions of Chip and Dale that live in our backyard who are digging in our herbs and burrowing under the straw mulch in the garden.  Any ideas?

June 9--E. Gillieron, Reproduction of the Gold Cups from Vapheio.  Jonah's rope flew and looped around the rear hoof of the fleeing calf.  The cows were all bawling in the next pen and the calves were trying to join them.  Jonah and his crew needed to...

And that's all she wrote before the Sandman wrestled her into his arms.  Ahh, sleep.  I was busy yesterday and I was too tired to be brilliant.  I'll try to do better tonight.  Time to go fold laundry.  Oh, joy, but I'm down to my last pair of clean undies, it's time.

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