Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Gonna Rain On Me

I know it is but I'm still going to get Porter to take a walk.  I won't melt and neither will Porter although she's a real princess when it comes to rain.  I don't know if I've ever seen a more sorry dog when she gets rained on.  Not a water dog at all...

(three hours later)  When I typed the above it was getting darker and darker so I threw on some clothes, grabbed a baseball cap, and went to get Porter.  We had a great walk, a great walk, the only problem was it started raining when we were one mile into our two mile walk.  We waited out the first shower under the overpass.  Big, brave dog didn't like either the thunder or the semis rumbling overhead so she stood leaning on my legs while I patted her and told her what a good dog she is.  Then there was a lull so we started back.  We hadn't gone 50 yards before the rain came back and stayed (but I did see a mama doe and her fawn cross the trail a ways ahead of us, that made getting soaked worthwhile).  Did I take the nice big umbrella I keep in the car along?  Of course not.  By the time we got back to the car we were both soaked, I was having a blast, Porter was not.  She didn't even make a move toward the backyard when we got to her house, she just waited while I unlocked the back door and scooted right in.  I got out her towel and reached down to dry her off and she kept rubbing herself dry.  I didn't have to move, she kept walking under the towel as I held it and then doubling back like she couldn't get dry enough fast enough.  Too funny. 

Since I was on the east side and already soaked to the skin I stopped at the dive shop to pick up the grapes I didn't mean to leave there.  I parked in a puddle at Lindsley's greenhouse to see if they had any sweet basil.  They did!  I got a 6 pack for a buck fifty but they won't get planted until the rain stops.  Then I went to Aldi for blueberries, strawberries, a cantaloupe, and pretzels.  (have I told you that Aldi has the best pretzels?  they're Clancy's and I highly recommend them)  When I got home I changed into dry clothes and discovered that even the orthotics in my shoes were soaking wet.  Wish I had a heat lamp to dry them with.  Maybe I've got an old hair dryer kicking around in a bathroom cupboard since I don't relish wearing another pair of damp socks.  The rest of it I don't mind so much, in fact I kind of enjoy being out getting all wet, but I don't like wet socks.

June 21--Baselyos Ethiopia, Prayer Book: Arganona Weddase.  Gavin looked down at Ellie's still form.  She lay in a pool of blood.  Her skin was the blue-white of spoiled milk and her eyes weren't quite closed.  It made him uncomfortable to see the glitter of her eyes so he leaned over and used two fingers to slide her eyelids closed.  As he straightened up he was that she held something in her hand.  It looked like a page from an old book.  He carefully teased it out of her stiffening fingers and held it up to the light.  There was an orange and brown design like a quilt block on the page with a grid of symbols below it and rows of some sort of writing alongside it.  It looked like a code or maybe an ancient language.  Ellie had called him wanting to meet to show him something she was excited about.  He had arrived only to find her murdered and her place ransacked.  He heard faint sirens in the distance and his heart began to race.

Dun-dun-dunnnn.  Will he turn the page over to the cops or try to decipher it himself?  Beats the heck out of me.  Durwood and I are off to find that new office chair for him and then hit Walmart for a few things.  I'll be the one trying to stay dry. Toodle-oo.

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Aunt B said...

You are noble to take Porter for a walk --- in the rain yet!!! Raining down here today too and I had big plans for being outdoors both days with our company! Trying to quickly come up with a Plan B!