Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'd Like a Slice of Air, Please

Well, that's how it felt when I went outside this morning.  It's 70 degrees but the humidity's 80%.  Does that make any sense at all?  No.  No, it doesn't.  We had late winter/early spring weather into the beginning of June and then, whammo, the dog days of summer arrived and they've stayed.  And stayed.  I must admit that the weather has been good for the tomatoes and (LOOK!) blueberries.  I was certain I had destroyed any chance of getting berries this season when I transplanted them while they were blooming (Vijay said that was a no-no, or at least his handout did) but two of the three (the two oldest ones) are making berries.  They must be grateful for all the sunshine and yummy fertilizer I gave them, also the water they're getting since it's raining this year which it didn't do last year.  Oh, I still long-water the garden at least once a week but
this year Mother Nature's doing her part too.  Whew.  I noticed when I went out to tie up the tomatoes after supper last night that the spiderwort is blooming along with some volunteer Queen Anne's Lace and the shrub rose is adding its small splashes of red.  One of these days I'm going to weed out all the violets in that little garden patch and thin out the daisies, but not today.  Dad's roses are blooming too, and the lilies at the frog's feet are beginning to bloom.  I love this blooming time of year, don't you?

I'm off to work again today.  Mrs. Boss was in yesterday to pay some bills and mow the lawn so she won't be in today.  That means no one will interrupt my knitting and audiobook listening unless, of course, some customer wanders in.  That'd be good, and I just remembered (I miss my memory) that she told me that we should be getting a shipment of wetsuits so that'll give me something work-y to do too.  I feel better about my day when I've got a bit of work to do and work makes the day go faster.  I'm a big fan.  Did you know that I wear an amber scarab necklace every work day?  I do, because the ancient Egyptians believed that the scarab beetle rolled the sun across the sky so I want to honor that just in case they were right, but I only wear it on work days.  I don't want days off to go fast.  Nope, don't want that.

June 27--Louis Comfort Tiffany, Mosaic Panel.  It was a relief to step onto the cool mosaic tile floor.  Gina kicked off her shoes as soon as she walked in and sighed as the cool floor eased her hot feet.  She had walked into town from the villa.  It had been cool and breezy when she started out but as she had shopped her way through the candy-colored stores in the tiny business district the breeze died and the sun burned away the clouds.  She had been disappointed at not finding much to buy but on her walk back in the midday heat she was glad to have only one bag to carry.  She was tempted to lie down on the cool tile floor but she could hear the housekeeper in the kitchen.  Gina was sure that Marisa already thought she was one of "those crazy Americans" and she wasn't eager to confirm it by getting caught lying spreadeagled on the entryway floor.

Well, that's dull.  No blood, no dead body, just hot feet.  Meh.  Okay, it's time for a shower and Cheerios.  Yay, Cheerios!  Stay cool.

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