Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not My Day

If my Grandma Angermeier were still alive she'd say I have a brutz on, and she'd be right.  I feel like I'm walking around with a scowl on my face and I have no patience.  My walk with Porter was frustrating.  Every time there was a noise like a garbage truck or a slow boat going by on the river Porter would startle and stick herself to the trail.  After about half a mile I got tired of her jerking me to a stop, gave up, and turned around.  It didn't get any better but at least we were going toward the car (and the end of the walk) and we didn't get rained on, although it looks like it will and feels like it will any minute.  My errands went well, though, thank heavens.  I swung by the hospital to drop off a bag of preemie hats from the Guild, went to Aldi for strawberries and blueberries, Walmart for pineapple (fruit salad!), spinach, bananas, tomatoes on the vine for Durwood's breakfasts, (I splurged on a box of Weight Watchers fudgesicles too), and a few new t-shirts since some of mine look a little overloved, at Sam's I got a couple containers of Fage Total 0% Greek yogurt (oh, it's so good), then I came home.  I have an interview this afternoon so I'd better paste a better outlook on myself.  Don't worry, I'll make a good showing, I always do.  I'm a professional.  A professional what I don't know but I will rise to the occasion, never fear.

June 25--Claude Monet, Ile aux Fleurs near Vetheuil.  Dew drops quivered on the petals of the wildflowers.  The freshening breeze sent a wave through the field and the drops made rainbows as they flew.  The sun's rays heated the air and brought out the bees to hum their way from blossom to blossom.  Down the lane a brown dog barked and sent the last laggard rabbit scuttling into its warren.  The farmer fired up his tractor in a series of asthmatic wheezes and then pulled out into the lane with a crunch of gravel and grinding of gears.

Okay, I'd better go find some lunch and get ready to be charming.  It'll be a stretch but I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.


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Aunt B said...

"Some days are like that. Yeah, they are." That's a quote from something and one I've repeated often and it's so true. Sounds like you were having one of those days. Yeah, you were!