Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Stayed Up Too Late...

last night and didn't write in my notebook.  I know, my bad, but I was determined to finish my shawlette row.  I'm this close to finishing that endless ruffle so I just had to stay up. I'll be using a crochet hook to bind off at work today.  The pattern calls for another increase row first but I don't think I have another one in me at this time.

Durwood's plans for yesterday were thwarted when the a/c service guy (they had a tune-up special) took hours longer than we anticipated to service both of the a/c units.  He arrived at 1 o'clock and left around 5:15.  Holy chit!  Either he's very thorough or he has concentration problems.  Maybe he napped when he was next door.  Whatever the reason Durwood didn't get his shopping done so we skipped eating our leftover supper and going to look at a new office chair, went to Barley's Deerfield Diner in Suamico (don't bother, they have an uninspired menu and blah food) before hitting Piggly Wiggly for the things on his list (fruits, veggies, 99cent Rinaldi spaghetti sauce, milk, and a TV dinner).  We'll go to Office Max tomorrow.  I'm convinced that part of his constant backache is due to the old, butt-sprung office chair he sits in most of the time so I'm going to throw away (yes, I am!) the ancient chair at his computer (I think Moses used it), move his eating-watching TV-dozing chair to the computer, and put the new one at the table.  I'd rather use the "real" chair but it's not a battle that's worth fighting.  There are so many other issues to get pissy about, I can leave this one alone.

The reason he bought a TV dinner is that I'm going to have Subway supper with a couple of women I was in Tae Kwon Do with about 20 years ago.  Turns out LL moved to Washington (I don't even know if it's state or DC, I'm thinking state) to be nearer their daughter and grandson, and BT is moving to Savannah, GA on July 4th so JC suggested we meet one last time for subs at her place.  I can get behind that idea and tonight's the night.

I had a couple customers yesterday (sold an airfill card, it's like a frequent shopper card--pay for 8 tank fills, get 2 free) and just didn't feel like knitting so I read a book on my Kindle Fire.  Ooh, I do love it.  My ardor for it is rekindled (heh) now that I figured out how to borrow library ebooks and fong them onto the Kindle via USB.  (It's free, you know, borrowing library books.)  The only problem is that they only let you borrow 10 Overdrive books at a time and you can't return them early so if I'm not enamored of a choice I'm stuck with it until the time runs out and that's usually 2 weeks.  I've got most of them on the iPod in audiobook form but now that I've figured out how to download ebooks onto the Kindle I'd like a double helping, please.

Oh man, I nearly just had a heart attack.  The clock started chiming the hour and I didn't start counting at the first one.  I only noticed it in the middle of the bonging and thought for a minute there that it's 9 o'clock but it's 8 o'clock.  Whew.  Plenty of time to have breakfast on the patio before getting ready for work.  And I can't forget to drop yet another tank off at Van's for a Hydro, which is an every-5-years pressure test air tanks need to have to be certified safe to fill with pressurized air for divers to breath and NO, I do NOT put oxygen in those tanks.  It's just regular old room/earth air, filtered and dried.  Oxygen is toxic under pressure.  After a certain, pretty shallow depth the diver would have convulsions and die.  An autopsy is not the optimum apres-dive activity, so for most divers it's air all the way.  There are some enriched gas mixes (Nitrox and Trimix [also called HeliOx mostly by old-school, hardhat divers]) that more technical divers use to go deeper and stay longer but they've got a whole different set of tables to figure out the mix and safe operating depth so I'm sticking with air.  I'm willing to be tired and hungry after a dive (I like snacks and naps) and stick with the air tables to not have to learn new math or think very much about what I'm doing anymore.

I'm outta here.

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