Friday, June 28, 2013

Nothing's Broken

After my walk with Porter this morning (during which she only balked a few times, still irritates the bejeebers outta me) Durwood and I took off to do errands.  First to Home Depot to get replacement exterior door knobs for the rental side (the front lock won't open with the key) and look at range hoods and sinks to price getting rid of the last vestiges of avocado.  They also have 2-packs of 20# Kingston Charcoal for a great price so we went to get some.  Durwood held the cart while I hoisted the first package, caught my foot on the ^%&$# sign and fell, charcoal and all.  I clonked my elbow and knee on the cement but didn't break anything.  Naturally some tattletale woman alerted the nearest employee that "someone fell" so I was the center of a scrum of people in orange pinnies.  I know they were concerned that I was hurt but it was only my pride that got damaged, I didn't really even bleed.  Stupid sign.  (Of course, as time goes by I feel all the muscles that got wrenched trying to save myself begin to ache, but I've got 2 ice packs, one for my knee and one for my elbow, like a good girl.)  Next we hit Sam's and really made inroads.  You know those times when either you've run out of everything or when things you usually buy are all on sale?  This was one of those times.  Good thing Durwood's got a big van so I could load it all up with ease.  I was smart and backed into the garage so unloading was a breeze, then we shared the leftover pizza from last night, and now I'm blogging and he's snoring in the kitchen, having a little nap before time to heat up supper so I can go knitting.

June 28--China, Watercolor of Musician Playing a Drum.  Tin could make his drum sound like her heartbeat.  The steady rhythm traveled through the timbers of the house and up through her bones.  Leong kept her eyes...

After that there's only a scribble.  I was tired last night.  Maybe because I had 8 customers yesterday.  Eight!  And not all at once either.  It was like having a real job.  Time to refreeze the ice packs.

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