Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Park at Fox Point Marina, Then Turn Left Instead of Right

Yesterday when Skully and I were walking from our cars to the trail along the river she asked if we could go the other way.  She said she was tired of the expensive houses and manicured lawns on our regular way.  I said sure, so we walked to DePere (a little town a couple miles south of GB, don't get excited, where we park is about a mile from where we turned back so it was still about a 2 mile walk).  I personally think the houses are more expensive and the lawns are more manicured in that direction but it's more open and closer to the river so you see it more AND there's the dam and a new viewing pier at the end.  There was a big scrum of white pelicans just below the dam with a few black cormorants perched on rocks mixed in.  I saw one pelican sitting still and serene riding the river current.  I know if I'd been closer I'd have heard it humming.  There was a school group of kids about 4th graders playing on the riverbank; the boys were throwing rocks into the river and the girls were cooing over the ducklings bobbing behind their mama. (top picture)  I smiled thinking how that defines the difference between males and females.  It's a wonder any of us can ever live together at all.  It was overcast which always makes Skully happy, and we chose our (we could never afford) riverfront condos right by the lock and the viewing pier.  There's even room for our (imaginary) boats in private slips right next to our (never gonna happen) new homes.  It was a good thing we walk early-ish because it started raining around 10:30 AM and never really let up all the rest of the day.

After walking I stopped at the bank to cash my paycheck and then I went to Dr. Barnes' Eyemart Express to have my eyes checked and get new glasses.  The eye doc told me that my left eye bothers me mostly because of my sinus trouble.  Well, that makes sense, I guess, since the left side hurts most often (like right now) and my left eye tears most readily.  (I don't want to have sinus pain so it feels like my teeth are bad and I have an earache and my eye is swollen.  I don't like it, just don't like it.)  Anyway, my old gas station pal, Nancy works there so she helped me pick out the best looking of the $9.95 frames for regular glasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses, and it all barely topped $200, $208 to be exact, that includes the eye exam--and I look fabulous.  (just ask me)  Then I zoomed home to have a PB&J for lunch, then Durwood and I went to the Social Security office to get all my Ts crossed and my Is dotted so Uncle Sam will start sending me checks right away--in October.  Dang it, KC told me that I wouldn't get a check in my birth month and I was sure I'd figure out a way to prove him wrong but I couldn't so I won't.  Dang it.  That's okay, I'll get even more than the first guy anticipated so even with a few taxes taken out I'll be able to do some damage to the mortgage remaining and beef up our vacation savings nicely, and at least the first month I'll be taking out a little for "play" money.  (it's only fair, right?  right.)  After that we drove back to the glasses place so I could pick up my regular and reading glasses (the sunglasses tinting was taking longer but it's not supposed to be sunny until the weekend so I'm good) and as we drove by I noticed that Cook's Corner's new store was OPEN.  I remarked on it as we were passing and Durwood nearly drove us overland to get into the parking lot to GET IN THERE.  He's a big fan, for him it's like a shoe store is to a woman.  He found an interesting looking ginger grater in the outlet portion of the store and I found something (no hints now) for DIL1's birthday this coming Friday.  I was wracking my brain for something for her, saw this thing, and knew it was for her.  And it's not a cooking thing, it's a different thing that I think she'll like.  If she doesn't, I'm keeping it.  Naw, she'll like it.  Not another word.  (tick-a-lock *mimes locking her lips*)  You're not weaseling it outta me, no way, no how, so quit trying.

Hey, I'm supposed to conduct the first interview of the founder of the business I'm writing the history of today at the dive shop.  I got my mini-recorder all batteried up and tucked a few extra blank tapes in my bag with a nice big notebook yesterday after all our errands so I'm set.  Now watch, I'll have a drove of customers when he's there.  That's okay, he's retired, what else does he have to do today?  I'm still a bit stunned that someone will pay me to write an article, but I'm not arguing.  It's something I can do as easily as falling off a log so, pay me, I can take it.

June 5--Britain, Court Dress.  That mile-wide dress must have taken some practice to wear.  The panniers, the frames that gave the wearer wide hips are so wide that she couldn't have reached the ends of them.  She couldn't have sat near anyone at dinner.  Her dress took at least one seat on either side.  Who dreamed up this style?  No woman alive wants wider hips.

That was all I could write about something so incomprehensible, plus I'd stayed up too late waiting for a book to download from OneClick Digital (free! through the library), so I was tired, and there's that whole aching sinus thing.  Time to find breakfast (something I can put fresh blueberries on since they were 2 pints for $5 at Copps yesterday), shower and hit the road.  Later, dudes and dudettes.

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